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    Personal Radiation Detector, Personal Dosimeter

    Economical price and high sensitivity personal radiation meter for sale online. Energy range of personal dosimeter between 30 keV and 1.5 MeV. Nuclear radiation detector has built-in multi language operation interface. The personal nuclear radiation detector can freely set the dose rate alarm threshold and the amount of data.
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    High sensitivity personal radiation monitor can be operated between -15 ℃ and 50 ℃. Radiation detector widely used in nuclear power plants, radioactive medical treatment, CT radiation, radiation laboratory and environmental monitoring around.


    • Monitoring X-ray γ-ray and hard β-ray.
    • Radiation detector has high sensitivity and can measure background radiation.
    • Personal radiation meter has built-in multi language operation interface.
    • It can display the dose rate and cumulative dose, and monitor and alarm the three digit data of radiation time average at the same time.
    • Equipped with dose alarm and particle alarm prompt, and the alarm sound can be turned on and off.
    • No. 5 battery and rechargeable battery can be charged, and it can start up without battery charging.
    • The two alarm modes of sound / light can be turned on and off, and the brightness of alarm light can be adjusted.


    • Model: ATO-FS300
    • Detection Ray: γ、X and hard β radial
    • Detector: energy compensation GM tube (geiger counter tube)
    • Dose Equivalent Rate: 0.00 ~ 999 μSv/h
    • Average Equivalence Rate at 5 Minutes: 99.0 μSv/h
    • Cumulative Dose Equivalent: 0.00 μSv ~ 99999 μSv/h
    • Energy Range: 30 keV ~ 1.5 MeV ≤± 30%
    • Relative Inherent Error: ≤± 10%
    • Sensitivity: 80 CPM/μSv/h
    • Power: 25 mA
    • Standby Time: About 4 days
    • Operating Temperature: -15 ℃ ~ +50 ℃
    • Relative Humidity: ≤ 95% (+ 45 ℃)
    • Power Supply: two No. 5 (AA) batteries can use No. 5 rechargeable battery
    • Weight: 0.3 kg
    • Dimension: 132 x 70 x 26 mm

    Note: The factory default setting of alarm threshold dose rate is 0.50μSv, the user can set the alarm data arbitrarily. The dose rate of measurement display is displayed every second, protective alarm is less than 1 second.

    Description of LCD Screen Detection Interface:

    FS300 LCD screen detection interface

    Tips: What is Absorbed Dose?

    Absorbed dose is the energy given per unit mass of material by ionizing radiation. The strict definition is the quotient of the average conferred energy dE of ionizing radiation to a substance of mass DM divided by DM, denoted by D. Its si unit is Gy, 1Gy=1 J/Kg. The customary unit used was Rad. 1 rad =0.01 Gy.

    The physical, chemical, or biological changes caused by radiation applied to a substance depend first on the amount of radiation energy absorbed per unit mass of the substance. So absorbed dose is an important physical quantity. But studies have shown that different types of radiation, even if the same dose of the same substance is absorbed, can cause different changes, especially in the degree of biological damage. For example, the damage caused by a dose of 0.01 Gy fast neutrons is comparable to the damage caused by a dose of 0.1 Gy γ-radiation, that is, the damage factor of fast neutrons is 10 times that of γ-radiation.

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