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    4 Pole Double Throw Knife Switch, 63A/100A/160A

    4 pole double throw switch comes with 32A/63A/100A/160A/225A current, resin base and manual operation mode. High quality changeover knife switch is usually used in high voltage or extra high voltage power systems to cut or connect power lines.
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    4 pole double throw knife switch is an electrical switching device used to break or connect current in a circuit, available with a resin base, manual operation mode, and optional current 32A/63A/100A/225A.


    Model ATO-HK11
    Pole 4 Pole
    Mode Manual
    Current 32A 63A 100A 160A 225A
    Voltage AC 380V AC 400V AC 380V  AC 380V AC 380V
    Material The knife holder/blade/bottom are all made of copper.
    Note Screws, terminals, and rivets are made of iron.

    Dimensions (Unit: cm)

    4 pole double throw knife switch dimensions

    Tips: What is a knife switch used for?

    A knife switch is primarily used for controlling the flow of electricity in a circuit. It is often used in educational settings, laboratory experiments, and small-scale electrical projects to provide a visible and tangible means of opening and closing circuits.

    Knife switches are also used for safety purposes in certain situations. They can serve as an emergency disconnect or shutdown mechanism, allowing a circuit to be quickly and easily interrupted in case of an electrical fault or hazard.

    In addition, knife switches are occasionally employed in historical or vintage electrical installations, where their mechanical simplicity and visual appeal are valued.

    However, it's worth noting that in modern electrical systems, knife switches have been largely replaced by more advanced and safer switch designs, such as toggle switches, rocker switches, and push-button switches. These alternatives offer greater convenience, reliability, and improved safety features.

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