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    Handheld Metal Detector, 4-4.5 cm Distance of Sensitivity

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    High quality and reasonable price handheld metal detector for sale online. Detection surface of metal detector for 360° detection of all directions. Water resistant of metal detector to water depths of 5-8 meters. Hand held metal detector for wooding working and treasure hunting.
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    Hand held detector with a high brightness LED light, which can be used as a lighting tool in the case of insufficient light.


    • High sensitivity. With high stability and high sensitivity design, detection surface for 360° detection of all directions.
    • LED lamp. The front detection head of the instrument is equipped with a high brightnedd LED light.
    • Simple operation. It does not need to be adjusted and is easy to operate.


    Model HS-08
    Working Environment -20 ℃-60 ℃
    Detection Method vibration / sound alarm / vibration+sound alarm
    Power Supply 9V battery (not included)
    Sensitivity Distance 4-4.5 cm
    Waterproof Rating IP68
    Accessories detector, instruction manual, holster, missed rope
    Bearing of Detection 360°
    Dimension (L*W*H) 26*4*2.2 cm
    Color orange+green, orange+purple, black+green, black+pruple
    Depth of Water Resistance 8m
    Weight 1 kg


    Structure of handheld metal detector


    Hand held metal detector application

    Tips: What is Handheld Metal Detector?

    Handheld metal detector is a kind of metal detector, because of the use of handheld way is named, mainly used for anti-theft in factories, security checks and examination rooms to prevent cheating, compared with the security gate, hand-held metal detector is more accurate. Alarm is generated by electromagnetic induction to metal objects, mainly through sound and light, vibration, or through headphones.

    Existing reviews of Handheld Metal Detector, 4-4.5 cm Distance of Sensitivity
    Look for nails
    I knocked over a box of nails when I was tidying up the warehouse. The nails were scattered in the corner of the warehouse. I used this metal detector and found all these nails in less than half an hour.
    From: Farrah | Date: 30/03/2023
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    Love this handheld metal detector
    I've used a few detectors over the years, nothing as powerful as this one. If your treasure is hiding in the mud and dirt this baby will definitely locate it. Love this handheld metal detector.
    From: Kespeon | Date: 25/12/2022
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    Very handy metal detector
    It is a very handy metal detector and works quite well! I repurpose older wood. At times there may be hidden nails screws, etc. This thing finds them every time.
    From: Dolly | Date: 09/12/2022
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    Looking for dropped screws
    I love this handheld metal detector. I love metal detecting. I was chg a bulb in the kitchen, dropped the screws. My search time is cut in half using this. I will keep using it.
    From: Javier | Date: 07/12/2022
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    Look for metal under the sand
    This handheld metal detector works great! I took my son to the beach and it was extremely accurate looking for metal under the sand. I was surprised how sensitive the detector was. It picked up the smallest items.
    From: Guyenng | Date: 20/11/2022
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