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    Brix Refractometer, Salinity/Honey/Coolant/Alcohol Measurement

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    Brix refractometer for sale. 8 measurement ranges optional, 0~10%/ 20%/ 32%/ 50%/ 80%/ 90%, 28~62%, 45~82%. It integrates brix meter, salinity refractometer, honey refractometer, coolant refractometer, alcohol refractometer, antifreeze refractometer in one. Refractometer price, hand-held design makes it portable and easy to maintain.
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    Brix refractometer applications: Measurement for liquid specific density include brix, salinity, antifreeze, soy milk/milk, alcohol/wort, fruit drink sugar, honey Baume (°Bé), coolant (cutting fluid) concentration, etc. It is an ideal meter for food production, beverage production, marine aquaculture, aquarium and other light industries.


    Model ATO-BRM-010 ATO-BRM-020 ATO-BRM-032 ATO-BRM-050 ATO-BRM-080 ATO-BRM-090 ATO-BRM-2862 ATO-BRM-4582
    Brix Measurement Range



    0~32% 0~50% 0~80% 0~90% 28~62% 45~82%
    Minimum Division 0.2% 0.1% 0.2% 0.5% 1% 0.5% 0.2% 0.5%
    Accuracy ±0.2% ±0.1% ±0.2% ±0.5% ±1% ±0.5% ±0.2% ±0.5%
    Body Length 200mm 175mm 175mm 155mm 150mm 150mm 165mm 150mm
    Weight 106g 92g 93g 87g 87g 86g 91g 89g
    Temperature Compensation Range 10~30℃
    Reference Temperature 30℃
    Material Aluminium Alloy/Copper
    Certificate CE
    Package Includes 1) 1 x Refractometer
    2) 1 x pipette
    3) 1x instruction manual
    4) 1x mini screw driver
    5) 1x cleaning cloth

    Brix Refractometer Operation Flow

    1. Open the cover and carefully clean the inspection prism with a soft cloth.
    2. Take a few drops of tested solution and place it on detection prism. Then gently close the cover to avoid air bubbles and allow the solution to spread over the prism surface.
    3. Align light source or bright spot, eyes observe view field through eyepiece.
    4. Turn the adjustment handwheel of eyepiece to make the blue-white boundary of view field clear. The scale value of dividing line is the concentration of solution.

    Brix Refractometer Operation Flow

    Brix Refractometer Parts Structure Diagram

    Brix Refractometer Parts Structure Diagram


    Tips: Selection of brix refractometer products and measurement range.

    Application Recommended products and measurement range
    Fruit, juice, sugar (low concentration) Brix refractometer 10%、20%、32%、50%
    Maltose, glucose syrup, sugar (high sugar content) Brix refractometer 80%、90%
    Honey (high concentration, Baume) Moisture 12~27%
    High brix 58~90%
    Baume degree 38~43°Bé
    Milk, soy milk (with brix) Milk 0~20
    Soy milk 0~25
    Edible product testing (salinity, saltiness) Salinity refractometer 0~28%
    Marine aquaculture, aquarium (salinity specific gravity test) Salinity refractometer 0~100‰, specific gravity 1.000~1.070
    Car ice point (freezing point) test Antifreeze freezing point -50~0°C
    Glass liquid freezing point -40~0°C
    Battery liquid specific gravity 1.10~1.40
    Existing reviews of Brix Refractometer, Salinity/Honey/Coolant/Alcohol Measurement
    Not bad
    Does what it is supposed to do! I use this Brix refractometer to measure the sugar content of my fermented wine. The results also seem to be entirely accurate, it's a great price and reliable.
    From: Sedlak | Date: 25/11/2022
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    Satisfactory customer service
    Initially, the Brix refractometer I received had a slight defect. I responded to this situation to the customer service, and the customer service quickly responded to me. They provided me with a free new Brix refractometer. Their customer service is really great and highly recommended.
    From: Kirk | Date: 17/04/2021
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