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    Alcohol/Brix Refractometer for Wine/Beer Brewing

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    Alcohol/brix refractometer price is affordable. It is a portable digital refractometer with various models. Alcohol refractometer can measure alcohol gravity with range 0~80%. Beer refractometer can measure brix scale of 0~40% and wort specific gravity of range 1.000~1.130. Wine refractometer has a dual measurement range of alcohol and brix, alcohol range 0~25%, and sugar range 0~40%. Fruit wine refractometer can measure 0~14 °Oe (Oechsle) and 0~27 KMW Babo.
    SKU: ATO-ARM-6032
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    Model ATO-ALR-6080 ATO-BR-1130 ATO-WR-4025 ATO-FR-2732
    Product Name Alcohol Refractometer Beer Refractometer Wine Refractometer Fruit Wine Refractometer
    Measurement Range alcohol alcohol brix wort specific gravity brix alcohol brix °Oechsle Babo
    0-60% V/V 60-80% V/V 0~32% 1.000~1.130 0~40% 0~25% V/V 0~32% 0~140°Oe 0 ~ 27° KMW
    Minimum Division 1% V/V 2.5% V/V 0.1% >0.1% 1% 1% 0.2% 0.2°
    Accuracy ±1% V/V ±2.5% V/V ±0.1% ±0.1% ±0.1% ±0.1% V/V ±0.2% ±1° ±0.2°
    Size 30*40*205mm 16.6*4cm (L*W) 16.6*4cm (L*W) 30*40*205mm
    Weight 250g 116g 125g 260g
    Temperature Compensation Range 10℃~30℃ (50°F~86°F)
    Reference Temperature 30℃
    Material Aluminium Alloy
    Certificate CE
    Package Includes 1) 1 x Refractometer
    2) 1 x pipette
    3) 1 x instruction manual
    4) 1 x mini screw driver
    5) 1 x cleaning cloth

    Product Features

    • High accuracy, with automatic temperature compensation, adopt high-quality temperature compensation sheet to avoid influence of temperature on measurement results.
    • Refractometer body is made of aluminium alloy, durable, resistant to corrosion and dirt.
    • Precision optical prism display, high uniformity, no crack, good transparency, high dispersion, small temperature coefficient, not affected by humidity.
    • Telescopic observation eyepiece has adjustable focal length, long service life, clear scale display and more accurate reading.

    Alcohol/Brix Refractometer Structure Diagram

    Alcohol/Brix Refractometer Structure Diagram

    Alcohol/Brix Refractometer Calibration Steps

    1. Open daylight plate, and place 2-3 drops of distilled water on the main prism. Close the daylight plate so the water spreads across the entire surface of the prism without air bubbles or dry spots. Allow the sample to temperature adjust on the prism for approximately 30 seconds before going to step #2. (This allows the sample to adjust to the ambient temperature of the refractometer)
    2. Hold daylight plate in the direction of a light source and look into the eyepiece. You will see a circular field with graduations down the center (you may have to focus the eyepiece to see the graduations clearly). The upper portion of the field should be blue, while the lower portion should be white.
    3. Look into the eyepiece and turn the Calibration Screw until the boundary between the upper blue field and the lower white field meet exactly on the zero scale, such as shown in the image. That is the end of the calibration process. Make sure the ambient room temperature is correct for the solution you are using (20℃/68℉).When working temperature of the room or environment (not the sample) changes by more than5℉, we recommend recalibrating to maintain accuracy. If the instrument is equipped with Automatic Temperature Compensation system, the ambient working temperature of the room must be 20℃ (68℉) whenever the instrument is recalibrated. Once calibrated, shifts in ambient temperature within the acceptable range (10℃~30℃ ) should not effect accuracy.
      (Note: The pictures shown in steps are only as reference.)

    Alcohol/Brix Refractometer Calibration Step1Alcohol/Brix Refractometer Calibration Step2Alcohol/Brix Refractometer Calibration Step3

    Alcohol/Brix Refractometer Use Steps

    1. Place a few drops of the sample to be tested onto the main prism, close the daylight plate and check reading.
    2. Take the reading where the boundary line of blue and white cross the graduated scale.
    3. The scale will provide a direct reading of the concentration.

     Alcohol Refractometer Scale DiagramBeer Alcohol Refractometer Scale Diagram

    Wine Alcohol Refractometer Scale DiagramFruit Wine Alcohol Refractometer Scale Diagram

    Tips: Alcohol/Brix Refractometer Maintenance

    1. Accurate measurement depends on careful calibration. The prism and sample must be at the same temperature for accurate results.
    2. Do not expose the refractometer to damp working conditions, and do not immerse the refractometer in water. If the refractometer becomes foggy, water has entered the body. Call a qualified service technician to solve it.
    3. Do not measure abrasive or corrosive chemicals with refractometer. They can damage the prism coating.
    4. Clean the refractometer between each measurement using a soft, damp cloth. Failure to clean the prism on a regular basis will lead to inaccurate results and damage to the prism coating.
    5. Refractometer is an optical meter, It requires careful handling and storage. Failure to do so can result in damage to the optical components and its basic structure. With care, refractometer will provide years of reliable service.
    Existing reviews of Alcohol/Brix Refractometer for Wine/Beer Brewing
    The brix refractometer is accurate and inexpensive
    The brix refractometer is of good quality and appears to be well assembled, with no sharp edges, gaps or misaligned parts. I used this refractometer to measure maple syrup and it was very accurate.
    From: Hector | Date: 31/01/2023
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    Works as advertised!
    Love this alcohol refractometer. Much easier and more accurate than a sight glass. Calibrate every time.
    From: Mar | Date: 30/06/2022
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    Great product and great service!
    I bought it to test honey. This refractometer has a nice scale which gives clear reading. It works perfectly and is easy to use. Great product and great service!
    From: John | Date: 07/04/2022
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    Excellent alcohol refractometer
    The alcohol refractometer accuracy of this machine is very accurate, I want to recommend it to my friends.
    From: Fiona | Date: 03/06/2021
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