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    Curved Jaw Coupling, 95 x 126mm

    Achieve precision power transmission with our curved jaw coupling, featuring an outer diameter of 95mm and a length of 126mm. With a rated torque of 440 Nm, this rigid coupling delivers dependable performance, even in high-speed applications of up to 7200 RPM.
    SKU: ATO-SC-GFCG-95126
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    ATO high-performance curved jaw coupling with a robust design that ensures reliable power transmission. With a generous outer diameter of 105mm and a length of 140mm, this plum blossom coupling can handle the toughest challenges.


    • Model: ATO-SC-GFCG-95126
    • Rated Torque: 440 Nm
    • Eccentricity Allowed: 0.02mm
    • Allowable Declination: 1∠°
    • Allowable Axial Deviation: ±1.00mm
    • Allowable Speed: 7200rpm
    • Static Torsional Stiffness: 4700 Nm/rad
    • Moment of Inertia: 2.2 x 10-2 Nm
    • Bushing Material: 304 Stainless steel
    • Rubber Block Material: Polyurethane imported from Germany
    • Surface Treatment: Polished
    • Weight: 5680g
    • Certificate: ISO9001, REACH, RoHS
    • Warranty: 12 Months

    95 x 126mm Flexible Jaw Coupling Dimension (unit: mm)

    Plum blossom coupling dimension

    • d1/d2 Inner Diameter Size: 22-24-25-28-30-32-35-38-40-45-46-47-48-50
    • ΦD: 95
    • L: 126
    • LF: 73.2
    • LP: 24.0
    • M: M8
    • Tightening Torque: 15 Nm

    Tips: Are there specific maintenance requirements for flexible jaw couplings?

    Flexible jaw couplings are commonly used in machinery to connect two shafts and transmit torque while accommodating misalignment. Like any mechanical component, they require regular maintenance to ensure their proper functioning and longevity. Here are some specific maintenance requirements for flexible jaw couplings:

    1. Visual Inspection: Regularly inspect the coupling for signs of wear, damage, or misalignment. Look for cracks, corrosion, or any other abnormalities that may affect its performance.
    2. Lubrication: Some flexible jaw couplings require lubrication for smooth operation. Check the manufacturer's guidelines for the specific coupling you're using. If lubrication is necessary, apply the recommended lubricant as per the maintenance schedule.
    3. Tightening Bolts: Make sure that the bolts or set screws used to secure the coupling halves to the shafts are properly tightened. Loose fasteners can lead to misalignment and vibration issues.
    4. Alignment: Misalignment is a common cause of coupling failure. Regularly check and correct any shaft misalignment to ensure the coupling is not subjected to excessive forces.
    5. Balance: Ensure that the coupling is properly balanced. Imbalanced couplings can lead to increased wear and vibration, potentially causing damage to the connected equipment.
    6. Temperature and Environmental Considerations: Be aware of the temperature and environmental conditions in which the coupling operates. Extreme temperatures, chemicals, or abrasive materials may require special maintenance considerations or material choices.
    7. Inspect Spider Element: If your flexible jaw coupling uses a spider element (the part that connects the two coupling halves), inspect it for signs of wear, cracking, or deterioration. Replace the spider element as needed, following the manufacturer's recommendations.
    8. Regular Monitoring: Periodically monitor the equipment for any unusual vibrations, noises, or performance issues. These can be early signs of coupling problems.
    9. Documentation: Keep a maintenance log to record inspection and maintenance activities. This will help in tracking the history of the coupling and identifying any recurring issues.
    10. Manufacturer's Recommendations: Follow the maintenance guidelines provided by the coupling manufacturer. These recommendations may include specific torque values for tightening bolts, lubrication intervals, and other important information.
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