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    100A 60V 6000W Variable Linear DC Power Supply

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    Variable linear DC power supply uses a large transformer to drop voltage from AC to DC, with selectable 220V/240V±10% AC input, 3 digit LED display, 6000W power, adjustable current 0 to 100A, voltage 0 to 60V. Using a variable DC power supply allows digital or analog control of the power supply output by a control system.
    SKU: ATO-DCPS60100
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    Variable linear DC power supply is designed with low ripple and high precision to step down an AC input voltage to produce a lower DC output voltage, which can be used for scientific research, product development, laboratories, schools and electronic production lines.


    Model ATO-JK60100S
    Input Voltage 220V or 240V AC (+/- 10%)
    Output Voltage Range 0-60V
    Output Current Range 0-100A
    Output Power 6000W
    Frequency 50Hz/60Hz
    Output Type Dual
    Display 3 digit
    Display Accuracy ≤ ±0.1%+2d
    Voltage Display Resolution 100mV
    Current Display Resolution 100mA
    Efficiency >65%
    Voltage Regulation
    Load Regulation (CV) 1×10-5+8mV
    Line Regulation (CV) 1×10-5+3mV
    Ripple & Noise (P-P) 0.5mV
    Temperature Coefficient 300PPm/℃
    Current Regulation
    Load Regulation (CC) ≤5mA
    Line Regulation (CC) 2×10-5+3mV
    Temperature Coefficient 500PPm/℃
    Protection Over Load and Over Voltage Protection
    Recovery Time ≤100µs
    Operating Ambient 0℃ to + 40℃/ 85%RH
    Storage Ambient -10℃ to + 80℃/ 80%RH
    Warranty 12 Months
    Size 480 (W) x 520 (H) x 700 (D) mm
    Weight 200kg
    Package List 1 x DC Power Supply Host, 1 x User Manual

    Tips: What is a variable liner DC power supply?

    The variable liner DC power supply is a high-precision DC stable power supply with continuously adjustable voltage and current, and automatic conversion between voltage and current. It adopts microcomputer control technology and a complete protection circuit and special high-performance reference voltage-stabilizing source components. This series of stabilized power supplies have high precision, low ripple interference, stability and reliability, and easy to use. The output voltage can be adjusted from 0 volts and can be arbitrarily selected within the rated range. The current limiting protection point can be arbitrarily selected, and the output power can be continuously adjusted within the rated range. With current limit protection, short circuit protection, over temperature protection (current greater than 30A). The dual power supply can implement master and slave tracking, and can be used in series (to expand voltage use) or in parallel (to expand current use).

    Existing reviews of 100A 60V 6000W Variable Linear DC Power Supply
    Excellent value.
    I have been working in labs for 20 years and I am very picky about power supplies. But this is a good variable linear DC power supply. This is an excellent power supply for testing very sensitive and expensive components that can easily be burned by excessive voltage or current. I would recommend this to the electrical/electronic hobbyist.
    From: Stallings | Date: 15/04/2022
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