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    60A 30V 2250W Variable Linear DC Power Supply

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    Buy 0 to 30V, 0 to 60A variable linear DC power supply with selectable 110V/220V±10% AC input, 3 digit LED display, 2250W power, CC/CV mode automatic switch, capable of delivering an adjustable output voltage or current. Using a variable DC power supply allows digital or analog control of the power supply output by a control system.
    SKU: ATO-DCPS3060
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    High precision variable linear DC power supply with adjustable voltage and current slew rate, supplies 0 to 30V DC at up to 60A. It is specially designed for scientific research, product development, laboratories, schools and electronic production lines.


    Model ATO-JK3060S
    Input Voltage 110V or 220V AC (+/- 10%)
    Output Voltage Range 0-30V
    Output Current Range 0-60A
    Output Power 2025W
    Frequency 50Hz/60Hz
    Output Type Dual
    Display 3 digit
    Display Accuracy ≤ ±0.4%+3d
    Voltage Display Resolution 10mV
    Current Display Resolution 10mA
    Efficiency >60%
    Voltage Regulation
    Load Regulation (CV) 1×10-4+8mV
    Line Regulation (CV) 1×10-4+3mV
    Ripple & Noise (P-P) 0.8mV
    Temperature Coefficient 300PPm/℃
    Current Regulation
    Load Regulation (CC) ≤5mA
    Line Regulation (CC) 2×10-4+3mV
    Temperature Coefficient 500PPm/℃
    Protection Over Load and Over Voltage Protection
    Operating Ambient 0℃ to + 40℃/ 85%RH
    Storage Ambient -10℃ to + 80℃/ 80%RH
    Certification CE, RoSH
    Warranty 12 Months
    Size 530 (W) x 430 (H) x 200 (D) mm
    Weight 40kg
    Package List 1 x DC Power Supply Host, 1 x Output Power Cord, 1 x User Manual


    Details of 60A 30V Adjustable Linear DC Power Supply

    Details of 60A 30V Variable Linear DC Power Supply

    Tips: Working principle of variable linear DC power supply

    The working process of the main circuit of the linear DC power supply is that the input power is first subjected to the preliminary AC voltage stabilization by the pre-regulated circuit, and then converted into the DC power supply through the isolation and rectification of the main working transformer, and then under the intelligent control of the control circuit and the single-chip micro-processing controller finely adjust the linear adjustment element to output a high precision DC voltage source.

    Linear DC power supply can be widely used in scientific research, universities, laboratories, industrial and mining enterprises, electrolysis, electroplating and charging equipment.

    Existing reviews of 60A 30V 2250W Variable Linear DC Power Supply
    60A Linear DC power supply works well.
    Purchased this variable linear DC power supply to use for electroforming and it worked great. Love this power supply. Very reliable and high performance. I have been using it for several months now. I highly recommend it.
    From: Aaron | Date: 15/04/2022
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