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    PLC Motion Controller, 3-Axis/4-Axis

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    PLC motion controller PM series can execute basic instructions, applied instructions, motion instructions with program capacity up to 64k steps and data register 10k words, offering 4-axis linear interpolation or 3-axis linear/arc/helical interpolation (based on models). Different models of motion controllers support different program frameworks and functions, to suit your different applications.
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    PLC Programmable Logic Controller DVP-PM series is available with DVP10PM00M standard motion controller for general applications and ATO-DVP20PM00D/M advanced motion controllers which are not only excellent motion controllers, but also can be used as motion extension modules and support advanced motion control functions, more flexible in all kinds of applications.


    Model ATO-DVP10PM00M ATO-DVP20PM00D/ DVP20PM00M
    MPU Points Built-in 24 I/O, max. 256 I/O point Built-in 16 I/O, max. 256 I/O point
    Program Capacity 64k steps 64k steps
    Data Register 10k words 10k words
    • Excellent execution speed LD: 0.13 μs, MOV: 2.1 μs
    • 4 axes linear interpolation motion control
    • High accuracy PWM 200 kHz output, resolution 0.3%
    • 8 groups of high-speed captures (mark correction, frequency measurement), comparative output, Mark / Mask function (for bag making)
    • Built-in RS-232 and RS-485 ports, and supports standard Modbus ASCII / RTU protocol
    • Compatible with G-code / M-Code
    • 3-axis linear / arc / helical interpolation
    • Supports electronic cam (2,048 points) function for flying shear and rotary cut applications
    • All models can be applied as motion controllers or extension modules
    • Built-in RS-232 and RS-485 ports, and supports standard Modbus ASCII/RTU protocol
    Motion Control Functions
    • High-speed pulse output: built-in 6 sets of A / B phase pulse outputs
    • 2 sets of 200 kHz output, 4 sets of 1 MHz output
    • 6 sets of high-speed counters and hardware digital filter for counting
    • Supports MPG inputs
    • Single-axis motion control function (supports MPG, single-speed and two-speed positioning)
    • Electronic gear function
    • Built-in A / B phase differential signal outputs: 2 sets (DVP20PM00D) / 3 sets (DVP20PM00M) max. differential output frequency 500 kHz
    • Supports MPG inputs
    • Single-axis motion control function (supports MPG, single-speed and two-speed positioning)
    • Electronic gear function
    Function Card (Optional) DVP-FPMC Ethernet/CANopen communication card:
    • Complies with CANopen CiA301 V4.0.2 protocol.
    • Provides high-speed program upload/download via Ethernet.
    Power Supply 100 ~ 240V AC (-15% ~ +10%), 50/60Hz ±5%
    Fuse Capacity 2A / 250V AC
    Power Consumption 60VA
    DC 24V Current Output 500mA
    Power Protection DC 24V output short circuit protection
    Voltage Withstand 1500VAC (Primary-secondary), 1500VAC (Primary-PE), 500VAC (Secondary-PE)
    Insulation Resistance >5MΩ at 500VDC (between all I/O points and ground)
    Noise Immunity ESD: 8kV Air Discharge
    EFT: Power Line: 2kV, Digital I/O: 1kV, Analog & Communication I/O: 250V
    Grounding The diameter of grounding wire shall not be less than that of L, N terminal of the power supply.
    (When many PLCs are in use at the same time, please make sure every PLC is properly grounded.)
    Environment Operation: 0°C~55°C (temperature), 5~95% (humidity), pollution degree 2
    Storage: -25°C~70°C (temperature), 5~95% (humidity)
    Vibration/Shock Immunity International standards: IEC61131-2, IEC 68-2-6 (TEST Fc)/ IEC61131-2 & IEC 68-2-27 (TEST Ea)
    Weight 612g 696g
    Documents (Please refer to the below PDF for more details)
    Instruction Sheet DVP10PM00M Instruction Sheet DVP20PM00D/M Instruction Sheet

    Dimensions (Unit: mm)

    Motion Controller Dimensions

    Model H H1 W W1 W2
    DVP10PM00M 90 80 143.5 133.5 82
    DVP20PM00D 90 80 174 164 82
    DVP20PM00M 90 80 174 164 82
    Existing reviews of PLC Motion Controller, 3-Axis/4-Axis
    Flexibility in production
    Very pleased with the purchase of the PLC motion controller version 4-axis. Compared to the 3-axis version, the 4-axis version gives us more flexibility in our production line and meets a wide range of complex motion requirements. The system is stable and the technical support is responsive, making it a wise investment.
    From: Gariel | Date: 23/11/2023
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    Ease of Programming
    The motion controller offers user-friendly programming interfaces, making it accessible to both experienced engineers and those newer to PLC programming. The ability to program complex motion sequences with relative ease contributes to efficient system implementation.
    From: Fiora | Date: 23/11/2023
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    Performs well
    Whether it is a 3-axis or 4-axis application, this PLC motion controller performs well. Its reliability allows us to run our machines with confidence and low maintenance costs.
    From: Oliver45 | Date: 09/10/2023
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    PLC payment methods
    I want to buy this PLC motion controller, how can I pay for it?
    From: Misty | Date: 24/02/2021
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    ATO Responded
    Just pay online.
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