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    Alcohol Gas Sensor, 25ppm to 500ppm

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    This gas sensor has high sensitivity to alcohol gas and can resist interference from gasoline, smoke, and vapor. Quality semiconductor alcohol gas sensor has a detection range of 25ppm to 500ppm, widely used in household alcohol gas alarms, industrial alcohol gas alarms and portable alcohol detectors.
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    Low price alcohol gas sensor for sale online. Good sensitivity, detection range 25ppm to 500ppm, long life, low cost, simple driving circuit and low cost, suitable for various applications of detecting different concentrations of alcohol.


    Model ATO-MQ-3B
    Product Type Semiconductor Gas Sensor
    Standard Package Plastic Seal
    Detect Gas Alcohol Vapor
    Detection Concentration 25~500ppm Alcohol
    Standard Circuit Conditions Loop Voltage VC ≤24V DC
    Heating Voltage VH 5.0V±0.1V AC or DC
    Load Resistance RL Adjustable
    Gas Sensor Characteristics Under Standard Test Conditions Heating Resistor RH 290±30Ω (Room Temperature)
    Heating Power Consumption PH ≤900mW
    Sensitivity S R0(in air)/RS (in 125ppm Alcohol)≥5
    The Output Voltage VS 2.5V~4. 0V (in 125ppm Alcohol)
    Concentration Slope α ≤0. 6 (R300ppm/R500ppm Alcohol)
    Standard Test Conditions Temperature, Humidity 20℃±2℃; 55%±5%RH
    Standard Test Circuit VC:5.0V±0.1V; VH:5.0V±0.1V
    Preheat Time Not Less Than 48h
    Oxygen Concentration 21% (Not less than 18%. Oxygen concentration will affect the initial value, sensitivity and repeatability of the sensor. Please consult when using it under low oxygen concentration.)
    Life 10 Years

    Structural Diagram

    Alcohol gas sensor structural diagram

    Circuit Diagram

    Alcohol gas sensor circuit diagram

    Tips: What is an alcohol gas sensor?

    An alcohol gas sensor is a type of gas sensor specifically designed to detect the presence of alcohol vapors in the air. These sensors are commonly used in applications where monitoring alcohol levels is important, such as in breathalyzer devices, industrial processes, and safety systems. The primary purpose of an alcohol gas sensor is to provide a quick and reliable indication of alcohol concentration, helping to ensure safety and compliance in various settings.

    Alcohol sensors typically operate based on the principle of chemical or electrochemical reactions that occur when alcohol molecules interact with the sensor's surface. The sensor's response is then converted into an electrical signal, which can be measured and interpreted to determine the alcohol concentration in the surrounding environment. The sensitivity and selectivity of alcohol sensors make them valuable tools in preventing alcohol-related accidents, ensuring workplace safety, and supporting law enforcement efforts to monitor alcohol levels in individuals.

    These sensors are commonly used in conjunction with microcontrollers or other electronic systems to enable real-time monitoring and data recording. The compact size, low power consumption, and rapid response of alcohol gas sensors make them suitable for integration into a variety of devices and applications where accurate detection of alcohol vapor is essential.

    Existing reviews of Alcohol Gas Sensor, 25ppm to 500ppm
    Precise and Reliable
    This Alcohol Gas Sensor is highly reliable. I have tested it multiple times, and each time it has provided accurate results. It's easy to use—just place it in the desired location, and it automatically starts working. Even after prolonged use, it remains stable and durable, without any issues. I strongly recommend this sensor—This Alcohol Gas Sensor is an essential tool for ensuring safety and preventing drunk driving!
    From: Aubrey | Date: 24/04/2024
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