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    1.5 HP Stainless Steel Submersible Sewage Pump

    Buy a 1.5 hp submersible sewer pump for wastewater treatment online. This 1.1kW submersible wastewater pump provides optional 304 or 316 stainless steel, 220V/380V 50 Hz voltage, acid and alkali resistant, corrosion resistant, suitable for harsh environments.
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    1.5 hp stainless steel submersible sewage pump is specially designed for wastewater treatment in harsh environments. Portable 1100W sewage cutter pump with 304 or 316 SS materials and excellent corrosion resistance, works at 220V/380V voltage and operates stably for a long time in highly corrosive liquids.


    • Model: 50WQP7-15-1.1
    • Connection Method: Flanged
    • Material: 304/316 Stainless Steel
    • Rated Flow: 7m3/h
    • Rated Lift: 15m
    • Power: 1.1kW (1.5 hp)
    • Caliber: 50mm
    • Voltage: 220V/380V (Contact us for customized voltage)
    • Rotation Speed: 2900r/min
    • Size: 24x20x53cm
    • Weight: 26kg


    • When using a stainless steel sewage pump, the medium temperature should not exceed 50°C (ordinary motor), not exceed 100°C (high-temperature motor), the density should be 1.0-1.3kg/m3, and the PH index should be between 0-14.
    • The motor part shall not expose more than 1/2 of the liquid surface.
    • Stainless steel submersible sewage pumps must be used within the operating lift range to ensure that the motor is not overloaded.


    Submersible sewage pump details


    Submersible sewage pump applications

    Tips: How to choose HP of submersible sewage pump?

    Selecting the appropriate horsepower (HP) for a submersible sewage pump is crucial to ensure efficient and reliable operation. To determine the required HP, consider factors such as the total dynamic head (TDH), which includes the vertical lift and friction losses in the piping system. Additionally, assess the flow rate or gallons per minute (GPM) needed to handle the sewage load.

    Calculate the TDH by measuring the vertical distance from the pump to the highest point of discharge and add the friction losses based on the pipe diameter and length. Once you have the TDH and desired GPM, refer to the pump performance curve provided by manufacturers. Choose a pump that intersects the TDH and GPM on the curve within its operating range.

    It's advisable to consult with a pump professional or engineer to ensure accurate calculations and pump selection based on the specific characteristics of your sewage system. Oversizing the pump can lead to increased energy costs, while undersizing may result in insufficient pumping capacity.

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