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    350 MHz Digital Oscilloscope, 2/4 Channels, 4 GSa/s

    The high quality 2 channels ( 4 channels are also vailable) Rigol digital storage oscilloscope offers a real-time sample rate of up to 4 Gsa/s and a bandwidth of 350 MHz. Other standard features include a waveform capture rate up to 110,000 wfms/s and a large 9 inch WVGA display with 256 intensity level grading.
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    350 MHz Digital Oscilloscope Features

    1. 350 MHz bandwidth
    2. With 2 or 4 analog channels, 16 digital channels for MSO models
    3. Up to 4 GSa/s real-time sample rate, provides fine resolution and detail in high speed signals
    4. 140 Mpts standard memory depth
    5. Waveform capture rate up to 110,000 waveforms per second
    6. Real-time waveform record, playback and analysis up to 200,000 frames
    7. 9 inch WVGA (800×480), 256 level intensity grading display

    Models and Key Specifications

    Brand Name RIGOL
    Model DS4032 DS4034
    MSO4032 MSO4034
    Number of Analog Channels 2 4
    Number of Digital Channels (For MSO Series) 16
    Bandwidth 350 MHz
    Max. Real-time Sample Rate Analog channel up to 4 GSa/s
    Digital channel up to 1 GSa/s (MSO Series)
    Max. Memory Depth Analog channel up to 140 Mpts
    Digital channel up to 28 Mpts (MSO Series)
    Max. Waveform Capture Rate up to 110,000 wfms/s
    Real-time, Hardware Waveform Recording, Playback, and Analysis Functions Analog channel up to 200,000 frames
    Digital channel up to 64,000 frames (MSO Series)
    Multi-level Intensity Grading Display up to 256 levels
    Standard probes 2 or 4 sets RP3500A 500 MHz BW Passive Probe
    1 sets RPL2316 LA Probe (MSO series only)
    Dimension Width x Height x Depth = 440 mm x 218 mm x 130 mm
    Weight 7 Kg (Package Included)
    Packing Included 1 x Digital Oscilloscope; 2 (4) x Probes; 1 x USB Cable; 1 x Power Cord; 1 x Quick Guide

    DS/MSO4000 Series Rigol Digital Oscilloscope Specs PDF

    Digital Oscilloscope Detail
    digital oscilloscope detailsTips: The bandwidth of a digital oscilloscope
    Bandwidth is one of the most important indicators of oscilloscope. The bandwidth of the analog oscilloscope is a fixed value, while the bandwidth of the digital oscilloscope has both analog bandwidth and digital real-time bandwidth. The highest bandwidth that a digital oscilloscope can achieve with repetitive signals using sequential sampling or random sampling techniques is the digital real-time bandwidth of the oscilloscope. The digital real-time bandwidth is related to the highest digitization frequency and waveform reconstruction technology factor K, generally not directly given as an indicator. From the definition of the two kinds of bandwidth, it can be seen that the analog bandwidth is only suitable for the measurement of repeated periodic signals, while the digital real-time bandwidth is also suitable for the measurement of repeated signals and single signals.

    The manufacturer claims that the oscilloscope's bandwidth can reach a number of megabytes, which actually refers to the analog bandwidth. The digital real-time bandwidth is lower than this value. For example, RIGOL DS4052 offered from ATO has a bandwidth of 500MHz. It actually means that its analog bandwidth is 500MHz, and the highest real-time bandwidth of digital data can only reach 400MHz far below the analog bandwidth. Therefore, when measuring a single signal, be sure to refer to the digital real-time bandwidth of the digital oscilloscope, otherwise it will give the measurement an unexpected error.

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