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    2200 GPD Explosion-Proof Peristaltic Pump

    Ideal price industrial peristaltic pump for sale, special explosion-proof design. Flow rate range 6~6000 mL/min (2200 GPD), speed 100~600 rpm, tubing inner diameter 4.8/6.4/7.9/9.6mm for selection, motor power 3700W, rated voltage 3-phase 380V or 220V. High flow explosion-proof peristaltic pump can match different pump heads and hoses.
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    The industrial peristaltic pump has dedicated explosion-proof pump head with ExdIIBT4 grade. High flow rate, maximum value 2200 GPD (6000 mL/min), wide variable speed range of 100~600 rpm, applicable tubing size 4.8/6.4/7.9/9.6mm. This explosion-proof peristaltic pump is suitable for high-precision liquid transmission.


    Model ATO-FG600S-A3
    Water Flow Rate mL/min 6~6000
    GPD (gallon/day) 2~2200
    Speed Range 100~600 rpm
    Speed Accuracy Error <±3%
    Speed Resolution 0.1Hz (1.8 rpm)
    Power Supply 3-phase 380V, 50Hz/60Hz
    220V customizable
    Rated Power 3700W
    Speed Control VFD stepless speed regulation (standard configuration VFD motor without connecting cable)
    Control Functions Start/stop, forward/reverse, speed regulation, communication, etc.
    Working Environment Ambient temperature 0~40℃, relative humidity <80%
    Explosion-Proof Grade ExdIIBT4
    Protection Grade IP55 (only for motor)
    Weight 26kg


    • Explosion-proof peristaltic pump is driven by AC gear explosion-proof motor, split design, and the driver is separated from the frequency converter.
    • Explosion-proof peristaltic pump must be used in conjunction with the frequency converter. It has the functions such as start/stop, forward/reverse, speed regulation, and communication.
    • Stepless variable speed, adjustment resolution 0.1Hz.
    • Explosion-proof peristaltic pump has IP55 high protection grade, suitable for complex industrial environment.
    • If the explosion-proof peristaltic pump needs to be placed in a dangerous industrial environment, an explosion-proof converter should be selected.

    Explosion-Proof Peristaltic Pump Dimensions Drawing (Unit: mm)

    Dimensions of 2200 GPD Explosion-Proof Peristaltic Pump

    Explosion-Proof Peristaltic Pump Hose Specification (Unit: mm)

    Model Inner Diameter Outer Diameter Wall Thickness
    15# 4.8 9.8 2.5
    24# 6.4 11.4 2.5
    35# 7.9 12.9 2.5
    36# 9.6 14.6 2.5

    Tips: Preparations before starting explosion-proof peristaltic pump.

    Generally, after purchasing explosion-proof peristaltic pump equipment, what users care about is the degree of mastery of relevant technical data and the cooperation of production processes, which is convenient for users to start-up, debug and use the equipment. Extend the service life of equipment, the explosion-proof peristaltic pump reduces the production cost as much as possible for users, and brings additional production benefits. Therefore, before using the explosion-proof peristaltic pump, users must read the relevant technical information.

    After ensuring the stable installation of equipment, it is necessary to check all the lubrication parts of the explosion-proof peristaltic pump, and add gear oil to ensure smooth operation. Then, power on the main control box and install standard wiring. At this time, do not run the explosion-proof peristaltic pump immediately, let it be unloaded for 3~5 minutes to see if there is any abnormal phenomenon such as stuck or bumped. If there is no abnormality, it can be put into production normally. Once the above situation occurs, it is necessary to stop the machine immediately for inspection, and eliminate the fault completely, so as to extend the service life of explosion-proof peristaltic pump.

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