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    12500 GPD High Flow Industrial Peristaltic Pump

    High flow industrial peristaltic pump works at 400W rated power and 220V/380V voltage. Flow rate range 640~33000 mL/min (12500 GPD), speed 30-350 rpm, optional tubing inner diameter 12.7/25.4/19/9.5mm, connect 1 or 2 pump head. Industrial dosing pump special for batch transmitting large volume liquid.
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    The industrial peristaltic pump is suitable for hoses with a wall thickness of 4.8mm, for batch transmission of liquids. Maximum flow rate is 33L/min (under normal pressure), maximum pressure is 0.3Mpa. The structure is compact and reasonable, and the tubing installation is convenient. The roller adopts planetary gear transmission, which is safe and reliable, and can extend the service life of the hose.


    Model ATO-JP300S
    Water Flow Rate mL/min 640~33000
    GPD (gallon/day) 240~12500
    Speed Range 30-350 rpm
    Speed Accuracy Error <±0.2%
    Power Supply AC 220V ±20%, 50Hz/60Hz
    AC 380V customizable
    Rated Power 400W
    Working Environment Ambient temperature 0~60℃, relative humidity <80%
    Roller Material 304 Stainless Steel
    Pump Shell Material Aluminum alloy
    Protection Grade IP55
    Weight 15kg


    1. The industrial peristaltic pump has a wide range of flow rate, up to 2m3 per hour, suitable for batch transfer of liquid flow.
    2. High flow industrial peristaltic pump has high transmission pressure, which is suitable for materials with high viscosity and high lift.
    3. Planetary gear design, rollers with power to rotate, rolling friction with the hose, safe and reliable, strong power.
    4. The pressure pipe gap of the industrial peristaltic pump is adjustable.
    5. The industrial peristaltic pump is controlled by AC motor and frequency conversion, which can realize network operation with PLC, industrial computer and computer.
    6. The industrial peristaltic pump has the function of shutting down when the cover is opened to ensure the safety of the operators.

    High Flow Industrial Peristaltic Pump Dimensions Drawing (Unit: mm)

    Dimensions of 12500 GPD High Flow Industrial Peristaltic Pump

    High Flow Industrial Peristaltic Pump Panel Details

    Panel of 12500 GPD High Flow Industrial Peristaltic Pump

    High Flow Industrial Peristaltic Pump Hose Specification (Unit: mm)

    Model Inner Diameter Outer Diameter Wall Thickness
    88# 12.7 22.3 4.8
    92# 25.4 35 4.8
    191# 19 28.6 4.8
    193# 9.5 19.1 4.8

    Tips: Flow calculation for industrial peristaltic pump.

    Industrial peristaltic pumps are positive displacement pumps, and each revolution will produce a fixed flow output. The required flow can be easily obtained by adjusting the speed. Therefore, by measuring the flow rate of an industrial peristaltic pump at any speed, the flow rate at different speeds can be obtained by calculation. Generally, the error range between the calculated flow rate and the actual flow rate can reach within 2%.

    The flow specification table of ATO industrial peristaltic pump will give the pump model, hose model, speed and corresponding flow.

    For example, the ATO-JP300S peristaltic pump uses 92# hose and the flow rate is 640mL/min when the speed is 350 rpm.
    If the flow rate required by application is 200mL/min, what is the rotational speed that needs to be set?

    1. According to the flow parameters, calculate the flow rate per revolution/min = 640/350 = 1.83mL/min.
    2. Use the required flow 200/1.82 = the required speed = 109 rpm.

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