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    12500 GPD Explosion-Proof Peristaltic Pump

    High flow industrial peristaltic pump with explosion-proof pump head, competitive price. Flow rate range 640~33000 mL/min (12500 GPD), stepless variable speed 30~350 rpm, optional tubing inner diameter 12.7/25.4/19/9.5mm, motor power 3700W, power supply 3-phase 380V or customized single-phase 220V. High precision peristaltic pump, used for large-volume liquid transmission.
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    Buy explosion-proof peristaltic pump from reliable manufacturer at good price. Maximum flow rate 12500 GPD (33000 mL/min), speed range of 30~350 rpm, matched hose inner diameter 12.7/25.4/19/9.5mm. Explosion-proof grade of the peristaltic metering pump is ExdIIBT4, protection IP55, suitable for complex industrial applications.


    Model ATO-FP300S-A3
    Water Flow Rate mL/min 640~33000
    GPD (gallon/day) 240~12500
    Speed Range 30~350 rpm
    Speed Accuracy Error <±3%
    Speed Resolution 0.1Hz (0.77 rpm)
    Power Supply 3-phase 380V, 50Hz/60Hz
    220V customizable
    Rated Power 3700W
    Speed Control VFD stepless speed regulation (standard configuration VFD motor without connecting cable)
    Control Functions Start/stop, forward/reverse, speed regulation, communication, etc.
    Working Environment Ambient temperature 0~40℃, relative humidity <80%
    Explosion-Proof Grade ExdIIBT4
    Protection Grade IP55 (only for motor)
    Weight 49kg


    • Explosion-proof peristaltic pump is driven by AC gear explosion-proof motor, split design, and the driver is separated from the frequency converter.
    • Explosion-proof peristaltic pump must be used in conjunction with the frequency converter. It has the functions such as start/stop, forward/reverse, speed regulation, and communication.
    • Planetary reduction mechanism design. Stepless variable speed, adjustment resolution 0.1Hz.
    • Explosion-proof peristaltic pump has IP55 high protection grade, suitable for complex industrial environment.
    • If the explosion-proof peristaltic pump needs to be placed in a dangerous industrial environment, an explosion-proof converter should be selected.

    Explosion-Proof Peristaltic Pump Dimensions Drawing (Unit: mm)

    Dimensions of 12500 GPD Explosion-Proof Peristaltic Pump

    Explosion-Proof Peristaltic Pump Hose Specification (Unit: mm)

    Model Inner Diameter Outer Diameter Wall Thickness
    88# 12.7 22.3 4.8
    92# 25.4 35 4.8
    191# 19 28.6 4.8
    193# 9.5 19.1 4.8

    Tips: Pipeline configuration and precautions of explosion-proof peristaltic pump.

    The reason why the explosion-proof peristaltic pump can transport all kinds of liquids and various foods with abrasive, corrosive, and oxygen-sensitive characteristics is mainly because the peristaltic pump has a superior pipeline configuration.

    1. The suction hose of explosion-proof peristaltic pump is 1 to 3 levels larger than the inlet diameter or equal.
    2. In order to facilitate maintenance and use, the suction tubing should be equipped with a shut-off valve and be as close as possible to the pump inlet, with the same diameter as the tubing diameter.
    3. To protect the explosion-proof peristaltic pump from being damaged, a filter is installed immediately downstream of the pump suction pipeline and the shut-off valve, usually a T-type filter.
    4. A safety valve is set between the outlet of explosion-proof peristaltic pump and the first valve.
    5. The outlet of explosion-proof peristaltic pump is equipped with a pressure gauge, which is located on the straight pipe section between the pump and the first valve at the outlet.
    6. On the outlet pipeline of explosion-proof peristaltic pump, set a drain valve between the first valve and the pump.
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