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    Magnetic Speed Sensor, M18

    Magnetic speed sensor, M18, adopts a non-contact measurement method, does not need an external power supply. NPN or PNP output signal can be chosen. This speed sensor has no direction requirements, strong anti-interference, and can be used in harsh environments such as smog, oil gas, and water vapor.
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    Low cost magnetic speed sensor for sale on It is a non-contact speed sensor, equipped with NPN or PNP output signal, M18, 30~15000r/min (60 teeth) measuring range and 50Ω~2000Ω resistance, suitable for smog, oil gas, and water vapor, and other environments.


    Electrical Parameters
    Model ATO-TSS
    Shell Shape Threaded Cylinder
    Shell Specifications M18
    Resistance 50Ω~2000Ω(25℃)
    Measuring Range 30~15000r/min (60 teeth)
    Sensing Range 0.5mm~3mm (The actual working air gap will vary due to different product parameters.)
    Output Wave Sine Wave AC Voltage (Approximate Rectangular Wave for Orifice Plate)
    Output Signal NPN, PNP
    Output Amplitude 30rpm≥300mV@Module 2, 60 teeth, proportional to the speed and inversely proportional to the installation air gap.
    Mechanical Parameters
    Measured Object High Magnetic Permeability Gear, Gear Module 2~4
    Tooth Thickness ≥3mm (Recommended)
    Tooth Spacing ≥3mm (Recommended)
    Tooth Height ≥5.0mm (Recommended)
    Tooth Width ≥5.0mm (Recommended)
    Environmental Parameters
    Operating Temperature -20°C~+150°C
    Relative Humidity ≤90%
    Vibration Resistance 9g
    Shock Resistance 50g


    • ATO magnetic speed sensor does not need an external power supply and is easy to use.
    • The output signal is strong, and the output voltage is proportional to the speed.
    • The resistance and output voltage of the speed sensor can be specified.
    • High-quality magnetoelectric speed sensor adopts non-contact installation, which has no damage and influence on the sensor.
    • Product appearance, specifications and sizes can be customized according to customer needs. If you have a need, please get in touch with us.

    Dimension (Unit: mm)

    Magnetic speed sensor dimension

    *Note for Electrical Connection:

    • The direct outlet of the magnetic speed sensor is equipped with a 1.5m shielded cable as standard. Contact us for customizing the length or other mounting types (connector or cable direct outlet + connector).
    • 2 Wires: Brown/Red - Vcc+, Blue - Vcc- (Square wave output requires an external resistor at the negative pole.)
    • The output signal of the magnetic speed sensor is an AC pulse signal, and there is no special designation for the lead-out line and wiring of the cable. If the leads or connectors have 3 or 4 terminals, just connect according to the determined signal output terminals.

    Output Signal

    Hall speed sensor output signal


    Explosion-proof speed sensor applications

    Tips: What is a magnetic speed sensor?

    A magnetic speed sensor, also known as a magnetic pickup or magnetic encoder, is a device used to measure the speed or rotational velocity of a moving object. It operates based on the principle of magnetic induction.

    The sensor consists of a magnet and a coil, often referred to as a magnetic pickup coil or a Hall effect sensor. When the object being measured has a magnetic target or features, such as a toothed wheel or a magnetized shaft, the magnetic sensor can detect changes in the magnetic field as the object moves.

    As the target passes by the sensor, the magnetic field strength fluctuates, inducing a voltage or current in the coil. This variation in voltage or current corresponds to the speed or rotational velocity of the object. The sensor then converts this electrical signal into a readable output, such as a frequency, pulse, or analog signal, which can be used by other devices for further processing or control.

    Magnetic speed sensors are commonly used in various applications, including automotive systems, industrial machinery, robotics, and aerospace. They provide a non-contact method for measuring speed and are often preferred in environments where contact-based sensors may be prone to wear or damage.

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