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    Laboratory Water Purification System, RO, Type 3

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    Hot sell lab ultra pure reverse osmosis water purification system with low price, produces Type III water / distilled water straight from tap water, conductivity of the outlet water is 0-10us/cm, suitable for general chemical/physical testing of laboratory instruments, solution preparation.
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    Economical laboratory single/double stage RO water purifier system, meet general chemical analysis, laboratory equipment washing, cleaning, conventional water for testing center, pure water for autoclave.


    Model Moro210s/ 220s/ 230s Moro210d/ 220d/ 230d
    Process Single pass RO system Double pass RO system
    Output of pure water ≥10L/H ≥10L/H
    Flow rate (with pure water tank) ≥1-1.5L/min ≥1-1.5L/min
    Conductivity at 25℃ ≤10μs/cm ≤5μs/cm
    PH 5.0-7.5 5.0-7.5
    Oxidizabes (as O) ≤0.4mg/L ≤0.4mg/L
    Evaporation residue ≤2.0mg/L ≤2.0mg/L
    Electrical requirements 220V (230V, 240V) 50Hz
    Power ≥100W ≥150W
    Dimension (L/W/H) 340*550*530mm 340*550*530mm
    Weight ≥30KG ≥35KG
    Tank capacity 210s/210d (3 Gallon pressure tank)
    220s/220d (6.5 Gallon pressure tank)
    230s/230d (10 Gallon pressure tank)

    Note: The model end with 's' has single stage RO module, suitable for feed water inlet TDS<200PPM. Model end with 'd' have double stage RO module, suitable for feed water inlet 200ppm<TDS<400ppm. If feed water inlet TDS>400PPM, suggest an additional industrial type softener.

    Product Features
    Integrated tabletop water purifier for Type III water.
    Pure deionized/distilled water.
    Built-in RO membrane anti-scaling program, RO membrane cleaning manual button.
    Easy to clean, disinfect and discharge waste water.
    Conductivity is displayed on the LED screen.
    Variable outlet capacity from 5LPH to 100LPH.

    Lab Test and Corresponding Water Type List

    Test Name Type III Water Type II Water Type I Water
    Lab glassware washing    
    Sterilizer use water    
    Gas generator use water  
    Conventional test    
    Reagents/ drugs preparation, dilution    
    Feed water for ultrapure water    
    Trace analysis    
    TOC analysis    
    Organic analysis    
    Inorganic analysis    
    Environmental analytical test    
    Microelectronics parts cleaning    
    Precision instrument use water    
    Analytical reagent/ drugs preparation, dilution    
    Mass spectrometry    
    PCR application/analysis    
    DNA/RNA research    
    Proteomics research    
    Plant and animal cell culture    
    Toxicity analysis    
    Microbiology experiment    
    Immunological experiment    
    Biochemistry experiment    
    Serum test    

    Main Consumable List (A water purification system is equipped with a set of consumables. If you want to buy some of the following consumables, contact us now.)

    No. Name Specification Lifespan
    1 PP filter 1st stage, 10”/20” (5μm) 3-6 months
    2 Activated Carbon filter 2nd stage, 10”/20” 6-12 months
    3 Softener filter 3rd stage, 10”/20” 6-12 months
    4 Precision filter 4th stage, 10”/20” (1μm) 10-12 months
    5 RO membrane 75g/300g 1-2 years
    6 Ultra purification resin column   1 year
    7 Micro filter 0.22μm 1 year
    8 UV lamp 185/254nm 8000 hours
    9 Pure water tank 30L, 80L, 120L  

    Tips: How to avoid damage to reverse osmosis (RO) membrane?
    There are many situations that cause reverse osmosis membrane damage. In the daily experiment process, laboratory personnel do not pay much attention to the use of equipment, so the service life of the ultrapure water system is also shortened. What should be paid attention to in daily use?
    1. Raw water quality
    The water used in the laboratory is mostly tap water, and the quality of the water source varies from region to region. The macromolecular substances in the raw water are not completely removed and pass into the reverse osmosis membrane when they pass through the pre-treatment device of the laboratory purification water system, which easily causes the reverse osmosis membrane to be blocked.
    2. Improper operation
    The residual gas in the purification water system runs under high pressure, and the formation of an air hammer will damage the RO membrane. Therefore, it must be ensured that the remaining air is exhausted under the pressure of 2 to 4 bar, and then the pressure is gradually increased.
    If the device is turned on repeatedly, it will cause unstable pump pressure and even cause RO membrane breakdown.
    3. Poor disinfection
    If the RO membrane is used for a long period of time without regular disinfection or good disinfection, it will also cause the membrane to be contaminated with a large number of microorganisms, and long-term accumulation will cause damage to the RO membrane.
    4. RO membrane pre-treatment filter is not maintained properly
    Pre-treatment is mainly used to filter large particulate matter, colloids, gas, etc. in water quality, and these materials also cause great damage to RO reverse osmosis. Internally filled activated carbon generally needs to be replaced within 1-3 years, and PP cotton needs to be replaced within 6-12 months.
    5. Not used for a long time
    When the ultra-pure water machine is not used for a long time, the RO membrane will dry out, and the filtered impurities will be fixed on the RO membrane. When we use it again, tap water cannot pass through the RO membrane. So even if we don’t use water, we still need to turn on the machine from time to time to clear the inside.

    Existing reviews of Laboratory Water Purification System, RO, Type 3
    The details of the cartridge micron of water purification.
    Today here holiday so we will check tomorrow as you advised.
    If we replace the filter cartridge kindly send us the details of the cartridge micron.
    From: rabbie | Date: 01/03/2023
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    ATO Responded
    Grade 1 PP Molcot20: 5 microns    
    Grade 3 PP Molpp20: 1 micron
    Solve problem of water purification system
    Now the system is in operation and we send a sample for testing.
    The report is attached but does not meet the electrical conductivity (ISO 3696) as standard.
    Kindly advise us for achievement of required reading.
    We hope ato support us and resolve the issue.
    From: Elfie | Date: 01/03/2023
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    ATO Responded
    1.  You can press the RO button to rinse, and then turn to open the blue filter bottle (pretreatment filter) to see if the color has changed.
    If it turns yellow or black, it means that the filter element is dead and needs to be replaced.
    2.  Please check the conductance displayed on our machine.
    Sometimes there are deviations between the offline test and the online test data.
    So if the conductivity on the machine is qualified, it proves that the water quality is good.
    Great water purification system
    I recently purchased the ATO lab water purification system and have been extremely satisfied with its performance. The system has effectively removed impurities from our tap water, resulting in clean and consistent water quality for our experiments. This filter has been great so far and was very easy to install. Would recommend!
    From: Andrew | Date: 20/02/2023
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    High quality of Water Purification System
    I just got this water filter. Have to say it works so great. It can filter out impurities, and
    to install a faucet to take water conveniently. Small size, easy to take.  I am very satisfied
    with this machine.
    From: Tylor | Date: 06/12/2022
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    Excellent laboratory water purification system.
    I've owned this water puritfication system for two months, now, and I can't say enough good things about it. It is well-designed little unit that's also very easy to use. I believe it will be durable, and time will tell.
    From: Alex | Date: 28/03/2022
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