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    48V to 5V PoE Splitter, 2.4A, 802.3-AF/AT

    Buy a PoE splitter with a voltage regulation function online, it comes with a maximum current of 2.4A, a wide voltage range of 48V-57V, and an output voltage of 5V, which can provide stable and consistent power for your PoE devices. The compact Gigabit PoE splitter is easy to install in a small space, and compatible with IEEE802.3-AF/AT, which ensures seamless integration with your existing network equipment.
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    48V to 5V PoE splitter is designed to provide efficient power distribution to your network equipment, it allows you to distribute power from one PoE switch or injector to multiple non-PoE devices. Trust our regulated PoE splitter for reliable of power distribution.


    • Model: ATO-POES-F1AL
    • PoE Voltage: 48V-57V
    • Output Voltage: 5V
    • Current Output: 2.4A (max)
    • Power Supply: 1/2(+)/3/6(-)
    • Compatible Protocol: IEEE802.3-AF/AT
    • Maximum Power: 12W
    • Transmission Rate: 10/100Mbps
    • Cable Type: Category 5 and Super Category 5+ unshielded twisted pair
    • Waterproof: No
    • Dimension: 236*29*24 CM
    • Operating Temperature: -20°C~+60°C
    • Operating Humidity: 0-90% (non-condensing)


    • 12W PoE splitter has a stable output voltage and a wide input voltage of 48V-57V, which prevents the camera from burning out.
    • The PoE splitter uses a Category 6 all-copper cable for smooth monitoring without lagging and a stable network without dropping cables.
    • The industrial poe splitter has power failure protection, circuit protection, voltage protection, circuit isolation protection to ensure the quality and integrity of data transmission, thus achieving a reliable network connection.
    • ATO PoE splitters are designed to work with various PoE standards, such as IEEE 802.3af and IEEE 802.3at, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of PoE-enabled devices and network equipment.

    Dimension (unit: mm)

    48V to 5V PoE splitter dimension

    Plug Options

    PoE injector plug options

    Wiring Diagram

    48V to 5V PoE splitter wiring diagram 


    The application of PoE splitter is widespread in various industries. In security systems, PoE splitters are used to power IP cameras, enabling easy deployment and flexibility in camera placement without the need for electrical outlets. In networking environments, PoE splitters can power wireless access points, ensuring seamless connectivity in areas where power sources are limited.

    PoE injector applications

    Tips: What devices can I power with a PoE splitter?

    A Power over Ethernet (PoE) splitter allows you to power certain devices that do not have built-in PoE support by splitting the power and data signals from an Ethernet cable. Here are some examples of devices that can be powered using a PoE splitter:

    • IP Phones: Many IP phones support PoE, allowing them to receive power and data through a single Ethernet cable. However, if you have an IP phone that doesn't have PoE support, you can use a PoE splitter to power it.
    • Wireless Access Points (WAPs): WAPs are often powered using PoE to simplify installation and reduce the number of cables required. If your WAP doesn't have native PoE support, you can use a PoE splitter to power it.
    • Network Cameras: PoE is commonly used to power IP-based surveillance cameras. If your camera doesn't have PoE capability, a PoE splitter can provide the necessary power.
    • Network Switches or Routers: In some cases, you may want to power a network switch or router using PoE. While most switches and routers have their power supply, certain models support PoE input, enabling them to be powered through a PoE splitter.
    • VoIP Adapters: VoIP adapters, which allow you to connect traditional analog phones to a VoIP network, can also be powered using a PoE splitter if they lack native PoE support.
    • Embedded Systems or IoT Devices: Various embedded systems, IoT devices, and other networked devices may not have built-in PoE support. A PoE splitter can be used to provide power to these devices.
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