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    3A 30V 90W Variable DC Power Supply

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    Single channel DC power supply has 0-3 amps continuous variable output current, 0-30 volt continuous adjustable output voltage, 4 digit LED display, multiple functions such as over voltage, over load, over temperature etc.
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    Adjustable 0-3A, 0-30V output DC variable power supply is single output, high precision and high reliability, 4 LED digital display with accuracy of +/-0.5%. Compact and light weight design, easy to move and operation, suitable for the laboratory, electronic, communication equipments maintenance, products line, scientific research and teaching units.


    Model ATO-K303D
    Input Voltage 110V or 220V AC (+/- 10%)
    Output Voltage Range 0-30V
    Output Current Range 0-3A
    Output Power 90W
    Frequency 50Hz/60Hz
    Output Type Single
    Display 4 digit
    Voltage Display Accuracy ±0.5%
    Current Display Accuracy ±0.5%
    Efficiency >85%
    Voltage Regulation
    Load Regulation (10-100%) 50mV
    Line Regulation (200-240VAC) 20mV
    Ripple & Noise (P-P) 30mV
    Current Regulation
    Load Regulation (10-100%) 20mA
    Line Regulation (200-240VAC) 20mA
    Ripple & Noise (P-P) 20mA
    Protection Over load and over valtage protecion
    Operating Ambient -10℃ to + 60℃/ 30%RH to 90% RH 
    Certification CE, RoSH
    Warranty 12 Months
    Size 70 (W) x 160 (H) x 220 (D) mm
    Weight 2kg
    Package List 1 x DC Power Supply Host, 1 x Output Power Cord, 1 x User Manual

    Variable DC Power Supply Detail Features

    DC power supply detail features

    DC power supply detail features



    DC power supply is the most commonly used basic instrument in the field of laboratory and maintenance. The regulated power supply provides a reliable power supply for electrical appliances and circuits. In the maintenance, it is often used to reduce the fault range by replacing the power supply unit of the electric appliance itself, at the same time, it uses the regulated power supply to monitor the working current of the electric equipment, and compares it with the normal value. It is very helpful for the judgment of the circuit fault to find the circuit short circuit, open circuit and other abnormal faults in time.

    For example, for a hand-held walkie talkie that cannot be turned on, the first step of general maintenance is to remove the battery of the walkie talkie, power the walkie talkie through the maintenance power supply, and then watch the current change of the walkie talkie. If the walkie talkie can be started up normally, the problem of battery pack power supply and contact point shall be emphatically suspected. If the walkie talkie does not respond to start-up and there is no current in the circuit, then the problem of internal power supply circuit of the walkie talkie shall be suspected first, such as whether the internal fuse is burnt, etc., and then the switch and voltage stabilizing circuit shall be checked in sequence. In the absence of a power meter, the experienced HAM can roughly judge the output power level and whether the RF power amplifier circuit works normally by the current consumed by the walkie talkie during transmission.

    Existing reviews of 3A 30V 90W Variable DC Power Supply
    Good power supply
    The variable linear DC power supply works very well and seems accurate enough for bench work. I actually like the single control with dual purpose where you can push for fine grain control and then push again for coarse grain control. I will probably order more.
    From: knuth | Date: 02/06/2022
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