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    20A 30V 600W Adjustable DC Power Supply

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    600W power supply is a DC regulated power supply with continuously adjustable 0-30V output voltage and 0-20A current, 4-digit LED display, precise accuracy of 0.001A and 0.001V. Featuring compact size and reliability, it is a great tool for notebook, mobile phone, flat panel maintenance, etc.
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    This adjustable DC power supply has 4 digital readouts, 600W output power, 0-30 volt, 0-20 variable, which can more precisely to control the current and voltage. You can not expect more for safe since the power supply comes with grounding terminal and multiple protection of over current, over heat, and over voltage.


    Model ATO-K3020D
    Input Voltage 110V or 220V AC (+/- 10%)
    Output Voltage Range 0-30V
    Output Current Range 0-20A
    Output Power 600W
    Frequency 50Hz/60Hz
    Output Type Single output with low power situation connectors (front) and high power situation connectors (back)
    Display 4 digit
    Voltage Display Accuracy ±0.5%
    Current Display Accuracy ±0.5%
    Efficiency >85%
    Voltage Regulation
    Load Regulation (10-100%) 50mV
    Line Regulation (200-240VAC) 20mV
    Ripple & Noise (P-P) 30mV
    Current Regulation
    Load Regulation (10-100%) 20mA
    Line Regulation (200-240VAC) 20mA
    Ripple & Noise (P-P) 20mA
    Protection Over load and over valtage protecion
    Operating Ambient -10℃ to + 60℃/ 30%RH to 90% RH 
    Certification CE, RoSH
    Warranty 12 Months
    Size 330 (W) x 120 (H) x 200 (D) mm
    Weight 12kg
    Package List 1 x DC Power Supply Host, 1 x Output Power Cord, 1 x User Manual


    DC regulated power supply is a device that converts 220V power frequency alternating current into regulated output DC voltage. It needs to go through four links: Voltage transformation, rectification, filtering and voltage stabilization The working principle of the four links is as follows:

    1. Power transformer: It is a step-down transformer, which transforms the grid 220 V AC voltage into the required AC voltage and sends it to the rectifier circuit. The transformation ratio of the transformer is determined by the secondary side voltage of the transformer.

    2. Rectifier filter circuit: The rectifier circuit transforms the AC voltage UI into the pulsating DC voltage. After filtering the larger ripple components, the output voltage U1 is smaller. The common rectifying and filtering circuits are full wave rectifying and filtering, bridge rectifying and filtering, etc.

    3. Filter circuit: Most of the AC components in the output voltage of the rectifier circuit can be filtered out, so as to obtain a relatively smooth DC voltage, each filter capacitance C meets RL-C=(3 ~ 5) t / 2, or the middle T is the input AC signal period, and the RL is the equivalent load resistance of the rectifier filter circuit.

    4. Voltage stabilizing circuit: The function of voltage stabilizing circuit is to make the output DC voltage stable and not change with the change of AC grid voltage and load. The commonly used integrated regulators are fixed three terminal regulators and adjustable three terminal regulators.

    Existing reviews of 20A 30V 600W Adjustable DC Power Supply
    Very easy to use and very accurate
    I've recently started developing electronic circuits for a special project and I needed to be able to find out exactly how much current my circuit was drawing. This 20A 30V 600W linear DC power supply was invaluable in terms of isolating that information for me and my investors so we could make intelligent decisions. It is very easy to use and very accurate. It's a welcome addition to my electronics workbench.
    From: Lamar Thompson | Date: 03/03/2020
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