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    5A 30V Variable DC Power Supply, 4-Channel Output

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    ATO provides 2 versions of best price 4 digits LED display linear regulated DC power supply with 4-channel output, constant voltage and current operation mode automatic conversion. One version has two 0-30V/0-5A outputs and comes with two additional 5V/1A fixed outputs, the other version has two 0-30V/0-5A outputs and adjustable 0-6.5V/3A & 0-15V/1A outputs.
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    ATO-32052 / ATO-32054 high performance laboratory variable 0-30V 0-5A DC power supply is precisely controlled by 4 channel output at the same time, it features with overall output protections and supports CH1 & CH2 series or in parallel connection, is designed to use in laboratory, electronic, communication equipments maintenance, products line, scientific research.


    Model ATO-32052 ATO-32054
    Input voltage 110V or 220V AC (+/- 10%)
    Frequency 50Hz/60Hz
    Voltage display mode 4 digital tube: 00.00, resolution: 00.01V
    Current display mode 4 digital tube: 00.00, resolution: 00.01A
    Display error ≤±0.3%
    CH1 output Adjustable DC voltage: 0-30V, adjustable DC current: 0-5A
    CH2 output
    CH3 output Fixed DC voltage: 5V
    Fixed DC current: 1A
    Adjustable DC voltage: 0-6.5V
    Adjustable DC current: 3A
    CH4 output Adjustable DC voltage: 0-15V
    Adjustable DC current: 1A
    Output power 2x150W, 2x5W 2x150W, 1x20W, 1x15W
    Output series (only CH1 & CH2) Adjustable DC voltage: 0-60V, adjustable DC current: 5A
    CH1 & CH2 series connection, voltage summation
    Parallel output (only CH1 & CH2) Adjustable DC voltage: 0-30V, adjustable DC current: 10A
    CH1 & CH2 in parallel, current summation
    Ripple ≤3mV rms
    Source regulation ≤0.5%
    Load regulation ≤0.3%
    Temperature coefficient 300ppm/℃
    Operating ambient 0~40℃, <80% RH
    Storage ambient -10~70℃, <80% RH
    Dimension 275x160x240 mm
    Weight 12kg

    DC Power Supply Detail Features

    4 channel dc power supply features

    1. Power switch 2. CH1 and CH2 display switch 3. CH3 voltage tune knob
    4. CH3 overload indication 5. CH1 current tune knob 6. CH1 CV/CC indicator lamp
    7. CH1 voltage tune knob 8. CH1 CH3 voltage display panel 9.CH2 CH4 volatge display panel
    10. CH2 volatge tune knob 11. CH2 CV/CC indicator lamp 12. CH2 current tune knob
    13. CH4 overload indication 14. CH4 voltage tune knob 15. CH2 and CH4 display switch
    16. CH4 "-" output terminal 17. CH4 "+" output terminal 18. CH2 0-30V "-" terminal
    19. Tracking mode selection key 20. CH2 0-30V "+" terminal 21. CH2 CH4 current display panel
    22. CND terminal 23. Tracking mode selection key 24. CH1 0-30V "-" terminal
    25. Output mode indicator lamp 26. CH1 0-30V "+" temeinal 27. Output switch
    28. CH1 CH3 current display panel 29. CH3 "-" terminal 30. CH3 "-" terminal

    4 channel dc power supply backboad


    Adjustable output voltage is the biggest characteristic of regulated DC power supply. Because the voltage is adjustable, the scope of application is wider, widely used in the laboratory and maintenance occasions, so it is also called "maintenance power supply", "experimental power supply".

    In practice, products used in laboratory and maintenance applications will add more additional practical functions, such as adjustable current limiting function, tracking function, etc. The current limiting function is more practical. It can set the maximum current output of the regulated power supply. When the current output exceeds the set value, the voltage will fall, but the current will not continue to increase, similar to entering the constant current mode. Some power supplies provide over-current protection function. Once the current exceeds the preset value, it will enter the protection state, cut off the output, and restart the power supply to restore the output. In the experiment and maintenance, due to misoperation or circuit fault, short circuit often occurs. Using the current limiting function not only protects the safety of the power supply itself, but also protects the components on the circuit, so that they will not be impacted by large current. In general, the current of adjustable DC power supply in the market is not large, and the output current is 1-10A, which can meet the maintenance and experiment needs of ordinary digital products and mobile phone communication products.

    Existing reviews of 5A 30V Variable DC Power Supply, 4-Channel Output
    Excellent value for money and fast delivery
    I like the power output on/off button that allows the output to be turned on/off quickly. The voltage and current settings are digital with buttons and knobs so they are precise but slower to set than knobs, overall this is a quality DC power supply.
    From: Kylan | Date: 02/06/2022
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