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    DC-DC Boost Converter, 12V to 36V

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    This series of 12V DC to 36V DC boost converters have wide input range of 10V to 25V, output power from 36W to 1080W, different models are optional. Low price DC-DC step up converters, are provided with overload protection, overvoltage protection.
    SKU: ATO-DCDC-1236
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    Best DC-DC converter on sales, it adoptes synchronous rectification technology, is designed to step up 12V DC to 36V DC, with high efficiency 93%~96%, optimized for low-power applications.


    • Wide input voltage range: 10V to 25V
    • Brand-new, die-cast aluminum shell and high quality design, maximum transfer efficiency of 96%
    • Waterproof lever of IP68, moisture-proof & anti-shock protection
    • Auto-recovery when device is back to normal operating
    • Built-in full protection against over/under voltage input, over-current, overload, overhead, over-temperature and short circuit
    • Industry grade DC 12V to 36V boost converter, widely used in automotive, electricity, surveillance systems, railway signals, instruments, solar generate electricity, display screen of bus and taxi, car audio device, security systems, hospital equipment, telecommunications etc

    15A DC-DC Boost Converter Specification

    Model ATOWG-12S3615
    Input Rated voltage 12V
    Voltage range 10-25V
    Efficiency 96% @ 12V input
    Output Voltage 36V
    Max. rated current 15A
    Max. rated power 540W
    Voltage regulation ±1%
    Load regulation 2%
    No load loss 70mA
    Ripple & noise 200mV
    Environment Working temperature -40 ~ +80℃
    Working humidity 10% ~ 90%RH
    Storage temperature -40 ~ +100℃
    Function Short circuit protection NO
    Over current protection YES
    Waterproof IP68
    Over temperature protection YES
    Over voltage protection YES
    Mechanical Weight 1500g
    Size 150*127*63mm

    12V to 36V DC-DC Boost Converter Model Selection

    Code Model Price Input Voltage Output Voltage Output Current Output Power Efficiency Size Download
     1 ATOWG-12S3601 $75.26 12V DC 36V DC 1 Amps 36 Watts 94% 57*64*22mm PDF
    2 ATOWG-12S3602 $98.41 12V DC 36V DC 2 Amps 72 Watts 94% 57*64*22mm PDF
    3 ATOWG-12S3605 $121.48 12V DC 36V DC 5 Amps 180 Watts 94% 74*74*32mm PDF
     4 ATOWG-12S3606 $134.58 12V DC 36V DC 6 Amps 216 Watts 94% 74*74*32mm PDF
     5 ATOWG-12S3610 $157.22 12V DC 36V DC 10 Amps 360 Watts 94% 100*80*39mm PDF
     6 ATOWG-12S3615 $203.56 12V DC 36V DC 15 Amps 540 Watts 96% 150*127*63mm PDF
     7 ATOWG-12S3620 $284.14 12V DC 36V DC 20 Amps 720 Watts 96% 150*127*63mm PDF
    8 ATOWG-12S3630 $353.42 12V DC 36V DC 30 Amps 1080 Watts 93% 220*127*63mm PDF

    Note: The series of 12Vto 36V DC-DC boost converter models are all here, check the parameter carefully from the table and select the right converter power supply when place the order.

    Existing reviews of DC-DC Boost Converter, 12V to 36V
    DC-DC boost converter connection
    Can I connect two of your 12v to 36v DC boosters together to get a minimum of 40 amps? You list a 20 amp 12v to 36v booster. Can I connect the two of them together to get 40 amps?
    From: Sanmantha | Date: 02/08/2021
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    ATO Responded
    You can not connect 2 DC-DC boost converter in parallel, and we provide DC-DC boost converter, 12V to 36V for up to 30A.
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