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    30W Gigabit PoE Injector Adapter, RJ-45

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    This Gigabit PoE+ injector provides 30W of power for PoE devices. PoE Gigabit injector is designed with cutting-edge technology for seamless power transmission over Ethernet cables, eliminating the need for additional power cables or sockets. PoE+injector adapter supply features a wall-mounted design that can be adapted to most installation scenarios.
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    Our PoE Gigabit injector adapter offers excellent compatibility with both 802.3af and 802.3at standards, allowing compatibility with a wide range of POE-enabled devices. The compact power over ethernet injector is suitable for a variety of applications including IP cameras, wireless access points and VoIP telephony.


    • Model: ATO-PG-30
    • Input Voltage: AC110-240V
    • Output Voltage: DC52V/0.58A
    • Port Definition: 1 Gigabit PoE port + 1 Gigabit RJ45 network port + 1 AC power connector
    • Network Protocol: Standard IEEE802.3af/at
    • POE Power: 30W(max)
    • Power Supply Core: 1/2(+),3/6(-)
    • Network Transmission: 1/2,3/6
    • Transmission Medium: Cat5E, Cat6 or above (≤100m)
    • Dimensions: 142*55*40 mm
    • Weight: 0.4KG (including AC cable)
    • Working Temperature: - 10°C~60°C


    • The Gigabit PoE adapter housing is made of PC+ABS fire-retardant and environmentally friendly material, which is resistant to wear and pressure.
    • 30W PoE injector supports Gigabit network port, standard IEEE803.3AF/AT protocol.
    • Green light for normal power supply, yellow light for POE normal power supply.
    • The PoE injector adapter is supplied with lugs at the top and bottom to support wall mounting.

    Dimension (unit: mm)

    PoE injector dimension

    Plug Options

    PoE injector plug options

    Wiring Diagram

    30W PoE injector wiring diagram


    PoE injectors are commonly used in various applications, such as powering IP cameras and wireless access points over Ethernet cables. They provide a convenient and cost-effective solution for delivering both power and data to these network devices.

    PoE injector applications

    Tips: What is a PoE injector?

    A PoE (Power over Ethernet) injector is a device used to supply power and data connectivity to network devices over a single Ethernet cable. It enables the transmission of electrical power along with data signals to PoE-compatible devices, such as IP cameras, wireless access points, VoIP phones, and other networked devices.

    The PoE injector serves as a power source, injecting DC voltage into the Ethernet cable, which is then received by the PoE-enabled device on the other end. This eliminates the need for a separate power cable and allows for easier installation and flexibility in device placement, especially in locations where power outlets may be limited or not easily accessible.

    Existing reviews of 30W Gigabit PoE Injector Adapter, RJ-45
    Easy to use, fully functional gigabit PoE injector, very satisfied
    This 30W gigabit PoE injector adapter is fantastic! I've previously struggled with power supply issues during my webcam and wireless access point installations, but this product solves all my woes. It's easy to use, just plug in the RJ-45 cable and it provides stable power and high speed internet connection to my devices. Moreover, its compact design makes it very easy to install and won't take up too much space. All in all, it is a very practical product and I would definitely recommend it to my friends!
    From: vickey | Date: 06/09/2023
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