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    Handheld Voltage Current Thermocouple Calibrator, Output Signal Source

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    This handheld calibration tool is a voltage, current and thermocouple signal source/generator, able to output and measure 0-30V, 0-24mV, and 0-100mV voltage signal, 0-24mA and 4-20mA current signal and K, E, J, T, R, B, S, N type thermocouple, easy to use and high accuracy, helpful for testing and calibration in the industry field.
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    This calibration tool outputs and measures voltage/current/thermocouple signal source, and features simple operation, long standby time, high accuracy and programmable output with LCD screen and silicone keyboard. It’s widely used for calibration or debugging in labs, PLC industry site, process instruments, electric valves and other areas.


    Basic Information
    Model ATO-C703
    Main Functions Voltage signal: 0-30V, 0-24mV, 0-100mV output and measurement
    Current signal: 0-24mA, 4-20mA output and measurement
    Thermocouple: K, E, J, T, R, B, S output and measurement
    Operating Temperature -10~55℃
    Operating Humidity 20%~80%RH, non-condensing
    Storage Tempeature -20~70℃
    Size 115*71*30mm
    Weight 300g
    Power Supply 4 AAA batteries or 5V/1A power adapter
    Power Dissipation 200mA, 4 hours under full load when powered by 4 AAA batteries (nominal capacity of a single battery is 1100mAh), and 17 hours in standby mode.
    Battery Life 7~10 hours
    Over Current Protection (OCP) 30V
    Technical Parameters (Signal Output and Measurement Functions)
    Item Signal Type Range Accuracy Resolution Remarks
    DC Voltage 20mV 0.00-24.00mV ±0.1% 0.01mV /
    100mV 0.00-100.00mV ±0.1% 0.01mV
    V Output 0.00-15.00V ±0.1% 0.01V Output: 30mA maximum current
    Measure: 1.2MΩ input impedance
    Measure 0.00-30.00V ±0.1% 0.01V
    DC Current mA 0.00-24.00mA ±0.1% 0.01A Output: 750Ω maximum load
    Measure: 100Ω input impedance
    4-20mA 4/8/12/16/20mA ±0.1% 0.01mA
    Passive Current mA 0.00-24.00mA ±0.1% 0.01mA Output: 16-30V external power
    Power Distribution Output 24VLOOP 24V/16V ±10% 0.1V Drive current 24mA
    Thermocouple K -270~1372℃ ±1% 1℃ Output: range only from 0℃
    E -270~1000℃ ±1% 1℃
    J -210~1200℃ ±1% 1℃
    T -270~400℃ ±1% 1℃
    R -50~1768℃ ±1% 1℃
    B 0~1820℃ ±1% 1℃
    S -50~1768℃ ±1% 1℃
    N -270~1300℃ ±1% 1℃

    Selection table
    There are also available with other calibrators/signal source generators with different functions. Please check the table below for more details. Buy a suitable one for routine maintenance of your devices.

    Functions Signal Type Product Model (Optional) Accuracy
    C703 C703S
    DC Voltage

    20mV Y Y ±0.2%
    100mV Y Y
    Output 0~15V Y Y
    Measure 0~30V Y Y
    DC Current mA Y Y
    4~20mA Y Y
    Passive Current mA Y Y
    Power Distribution Output 24VLOOP Y Y ±10%
    Thermocouple K/E/J/T/R/B/S/N Y Y ±1%
    Thermal Resistance PT100 N/A Y ±0.2%
    Resistance Ω N/A Y ±0.2%
    Range Conversion mA Y Y /
    Programmable Output / Y Y /

    * For the specific parameters of the above functions, please click here.

    Tips: Troubleshooting & maintenance of C703 handheld signal source calibrator

    1. Troubleshooting

    • Nothing displays on the LCD screen after turning on the signal source.
      a. Check if the battery is OK.
      b. Check if the power adapter outputs the current of 1000mA.
    • The measurement result cannot display.
      Make sure that the signal source calibrator is on the status of MEASURE.
    • The output or measure value is abnormal.
      a. Check if the signal wires are connected correctly.
      b. Make sure that the right signal type is chosen.

    2. Maintenance

    • This handheld signal source calibrator is powered by 3.7V rechargeable lithium battery. For a long time use, please power it by power adapter so as to extend the lifespan of battery.
    • If you use a phone charger to charge the instrument, please confirm that the phone charger output current is 1000mA.
    • The instrument is not waterproof. Please keep it away from too humid environment.

    How to Differentiate Between Active & Passive Signals
    The handheld voltage current thermocouple calibrator is a portable measuring device mainly used to calibrate thermocouple sensors. A thermocouple sensor is a common temperature measurement device that measures temperature based on the temperature difference at the point of contact between two different metal materials. The handheld voltage and current thermocouple calibrator provides accurate voltage and current outputs for simulating different temperature environments to calibrate thermocouple sensors. The following will show you directly through the basic experiment of distinguishing active signals and passive signals, using a handheld precision multifunction calibrator, a multimeter and a DC power supply to build a signal acquisition loop.

    Existing reviews of Handheld Voltage Current Thermocouple Calibrator, Output Signal Source
    Great signal source
    This handheld signal generator is right for me. It is small and easy to carry. Just put it in my pocket when I go to the industrial site. Besides, it is not too complex and I can operate this very well soon. Works as advertised.
    From: Manu | Date: 24/10/2018
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