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    Digital Hydrometer for Specific Gravity/Salinity

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    Digital hydrometer for sale, it is an electronic hydrometer for measurement of liquid density, specific gravity and salinity. Specific gravity is converted from salinity value when treat solution as plain saline. Specific gravity range can be selected 1.000~1.071 or 1.000~1.045. Measurable salinity range 0~100 PPT or 0~55 PPT. Hydrometer with affordable price, widely used in industrial or food production such as aquarium, gravy/sause making, etc.
    SKU: ATO-WQT-3171
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    • High precision
    • Bright backlit display
    • Large digital screen display
    • Low battery sound alert

    Application: Aquarium, marine aquaculture, chemical products, soft drinks, food, pharmaceutical products, electronics and semiconductors, etc.


    Model ATO-DH-WS71P ATO-DH-SG31
    Measuring Range (S.G) Specific Gravity 1.000~1.071 1.000~1.045
    Salinity 0~100 PPT 0~55 PPT
    Temperature 0~100℃ 0~100℃
    Accuracy ±0.001
    Testing Method Electrical conductivity methods
    Testing Condition 1℃~50℃
    Saving Function Power off after 60 seconds
    Temperature Compensation A.T.C
    Display Area LCD (with backlight)
    Low Battery Reminder ICON flash
    Power Supply 1.5V*2EA (AAA type battery)
    Waterproof Life waterproof
    Certification CE
    Weight 0.5kg

    Digital Hydrometer Structure Diagram

    Digital Hydrometer Structure Diagram

    Digital Hydrometer Use Instruction

    Digital Hydrometer Use Instruction

    Digital Hydrometer Measurement Precautions

    • Keep the measurement sensor probe away from the bottom and the sides of the testing cup. Allow 1-2cm clearance around the probe. Do not touch any residue in the liquid.
    • When there is not enough liquid, lean the cup.
    • Do not touch the probe to the testing cup.

    Please note: The metal part of the testing measurement probe must be completely in the test liquid. You should always check the accuracy of your meter against reference solution to verify its accuracy.

    Tips: Battery replacement for digital hydrometer

    • Replacement time:When the icon LOW is flash

    Although the digital hydrometer had power, there is no longer enough current to conduct a test accurately. The icon LOW can also flash when the new battery does not work after insertion and need to be re-insertion. The new battery may also lead to natural discharge due to long circulation time. Therefore, when the icon LOW is flash, replace the new battery at this time.

    • Replacement method
    1. Turn the battery cover counterclockwise to OPEN and remove the batteries.
    2. Refer to the figure below and turn the battery cover clockwise to CLOSE.
    3. To prevent damage to the gravimeter, pay attention + and - pole of battery.

     Digital Hydrometer Battery Replacement

    Existing reviews of Digital Hydrometer for Specific Gravity/Salinity
    Helps me a lot in my work
    This digital hydrometer is very helpful for my measurement, which enables me to quickly measure the density of liquid, and the data is very accurate, which enables me to complete the work smoothly.
    From: Daye | Date: 14/07/2022
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