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    Indoor Air Quality Monitor, PM2.5/PM1.0/PM10/HCHO/TVOC/TEMP/HUM

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    Favorable price indoor air quality monitor can perform 24-hour real time monitoring PM2.5, HCHO, TVOC, PM1.0, PM10, Temperature and Humidity. The air meter also support time, calendar and alarm clock functions. With four independent sensors, high accuracy and fast response. Large LCD display, showing real-time air quality readings. Light and portable, easy to use.
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    High accuracy indoor air quality detector is used to perfom the detection of PM2.5/PM1.0/PM10, formaldehyde (HCHO), total volatile organic compounds (TVOC), temperature and humidity, suitable for home, car and public place.


    • Multifunctional air quality monitor for dust (PM2.5/PM1.0/PM10), formaldehyde, TVOC detection.
    • Support temperature and humidity detection
    • Air meter also has time, calendar and alarm clock functions.
    • Big size 7 inch TFT LCD display, easy to read.
    • Multiple interface options, user-friendly design.
    • Using high-precision independent sensors and high-speed ARM processor, more accurate measurement data.
    • Built-in large capacity rechargeable lithium battery for long-time working.


    Model ATO-AIR-DM69
    Test Item PM2.5, HCHO, TVOC, PM1.0, PM10, Temperature, Humidity
    Measure Range PM2.5: 0-999μg/m³
    HCHO: 0.001-1.999mg/m³
    TVOC: 0.001-9.999mg/m³
    Temp. & Hum. Detection Range Temperature: -10℃ ~ 45℃
    Humidity: 20% ~ 90% RH
    Detection Principle PM2.5/PM1.0/PM10: Laser scattering
    HCHO: Electrochemistry sensor
    TVOC: Semiconductor sensor
    Temp. & Hum.: Temperature and Humidity sensor
    Other Function Time, calendar, alarm clock
    Detection Area 100m2
    Operating Temperature -10℃ ~ 50℃
    Operating Humidity 15% ~ 90%RH
    Storage Temperature -20℃ ~ 50℃
    Display 7" TFT LCD screen
    Power Supply Rechargeable Li-battery, and full charged time is 4 hours
    Battery Life 5-6 hours
    Material ABS
    Product Size 245*125*110 mm
    Product Weight 800g
    Standard Accessories Main device, USB charging cable, user manual
    Certification CE


    Air quality monitor applications

    Tips: How to Choose a Good Air Quality Monitor?

    1. The sensors

    For the accuracy of indoor air quality monitor, it mainly depends on the setting of sensors. In terms of detection accuracy, air quality detectors usually have several built-in independent sensors. For example, formaldehyde detection uses the electrochemical sensor suitable for home detection. For PM2.5, laser sensor is adopted to reflect the value of particle pollutants, and the temperature and humidity sensor is used for measure the temperature and humidity.

    2. Product quality certification

    Product quality certification means that the certification and inspection organizationshall inspect and evaluate the product quality according to the national standards and corresponding technical requirements, and issue the certification report or certificate to the product owner (sentence inspector). When the product is sold on the market, quality certification is necessary.

    3. Air quality monitor design

    Some of detectors are relatively heavy in weight and too large in size, making them inconvenient to carry around and only suitable for placing on a horizontal place. Therefore, we must carefully check the product parameters when purchasing, not just care about the appearance.

    4. See if the air quality monitor have all-around detection capability

    Although the home air quality monitor has a certain gap with the professional test equipment, it still need to be carefully confirmed how much the measurement erroris. In addition to PM2.5 air quality index (AQI), you can check the air quality monitor whether also offers other pollutants detection like other particulate matter in the air (1.0 μm 10 μm), formaldehyde (HCHO), benzene, toluene, xylene, ammonia, TVOC and so on, whether to have all-round precise detection ability, whether fast and accurately real-time display the detection data of formaldehyde, PM2.5, temperature, humidity, and other item. It can be considered when choosing and buying.

    Existing reviews of Indoor Air Quality Monitor, PM2.5/PM1.0/PM10/HCHO/TVOC/TEMP/HUM
    Accurate indoor air quality detector
    Since there is an oil refinery nearby, the air quality around my house is poor, so I bought this indoor air quality monitor. With it, I can know the air quality near my house in real time.
    From: Sedlak | Date: 21/11/2022
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    This air quality monitor looks elegant in design.
    This air quality monitor arrived in time and I need it for my newly renovated room to detect pollutants. It looks elegant in design and my daughter very likes it. It is a multifunctional monitor for detecting PM2.5, PM1.0, PM10, HCHO and TVOC. It can also give us the current room temperature and humidity. Big LCD display is easy to notice the readings without any problems.
    From: Jerry | Date: 30/03/2020
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