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    120m Laser Distance Meter with Camera

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    Highly accurate laser distance meter with camera, measuring range up to 120 meters. Distance meter uses advanced laser technology and provides fast and accurate distance measurement. ATO distance meters are the perfect tool for professionals who need reliable and accurate distance measurements.
    SKU: ATO-DM-S120
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    Rechargeable laser distance meter with a camera, 2.4-inch digital display, 360° electronic level, 100 sets of data memory, illuminates numbers in dark areas with the distinct resolution, allowing work in low-light or no-light conditions.


    • Model: ATO-DM-S120
    • Laser measure: 120m (393Ft)
    • Accuracy: ±2mm
    • Max Storage: 100 Units
    • Ingress Protection: IP54
    • Automatic Laser Off Time: 20s
    • Auto Shut Off Time: 150s
    • Storage Temperature Range: -20°C- 60°C
    • Operating Temperature Range: 0°C- 40°C
    • Battery: NiMH
    • Digital Level: Yes
    • Camera: Yes
    • Continuous Measurement: Yes
    • Area Measurement: Yes
    • Volumetric Measurement: Yes
    • Triangle Leg Measurement: Yes
    • LCD Display: Yes
    • Addition/Subtraction: Yes
    • Area and Volume Addition/Subtraction: Yes
    • Max/Min Measurement: Yes
    • Outer Line: Yes
    • Delay Measurement: Yes
    • Weight: 320g
    • Dimension: 125mmx 54mm x 27mm
    • Certificate: CE

    Rechargeable Laser Distance Meter Packing List

    • 1 x Laser Rangefinder
    • 1 x Bag
    • 1 x Wrist Lapel
    • 1 x USB Charging Cable
    • 1 x English User Manual
    • 3 x Rechargeable Batteries
    • 1 x Retail Box
    • 1 x Reflector

    120 Meter Laser Distance Meter with Camera Dimension Unit (mm)

    Laser distance meter dimension

    Tips: Features of the digital laser distance meter

    • Measures distances up to 40 m, 50 m, 60 m, 100 m to 120 m with an accuracy of ± 2mm.
    • Instant distance measurement with one-button operation.
    • Ideal for indoor and outdoor applications.
    • Backlit screen for improved visibility.
    • Bright laser for easy aiming.
    • Quick area calculation (square feet).
    • Continuous measurement capability.
    • Auto shut-off feature improves battery life.
    • Battery life of 3,000 measurements.
    Existing reviews of 120m Laser Distance Meter with Camera
    Useful 120m Laser Distance Meter with Camera
    This distance meter with the camera makes the operation easier, and the performance of the camera is much better than I expected. The digital distance meter is a really useful tool.
    From: appyshoer | Date: 27/03/2023
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