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    100m Digital Laser Distance Meter

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    The handheld laser distance meter is small in size, measures a maximum distance of 100 meters, with a backlit digital display screen, 30 groups of data memory function, manual data deletion, convenient and compact design making the laser distance meter an ideal tool.
    SKU: ATO-DM-T100
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    Long distance laser meter measures up to 328 feet, ±2mm accuracy, with a large backlight and bubble level to meet your regular measurement needs, making it the ideal tool for home, construction and industry. ATO laser distance meters are ideal for surveyors, architects and construction workers.


    • Model: ATO-SW-T100
    • Laser measure: 100m (328Ft)
    • Accuracy: ±2mm
    • Continuous Measurement Function: Yes
    • Outdoor Target Reflection Board: No
    • Area Measuremen Function: Yes
    • Volume Measurement Function: Yes
    • Pythagorean Proposiyion Measurement Function: Full mode
    • Add and Subtract Measurement Function: Yes
    • Min/Max Value: Yes
    • Max Storage: 30 Units
    • Automatic Backlinght: Yes
    • Buttons/Keys Sound: Yes
    • Laser Level:
    • Laser Type: 635nm, < 1mW
    • Automatically Cut Off Laser: 20s
    • Automatic Shutdown: 150s
    • Storage Temperature: -20°C-60°C
    • Working Temperature: -0°C-40°C
    • Storage Humidity: 20%~ 80%RH
    • Battery: 1.5V 2*AAA
    • Battery Life: 8000 times for single measurement
    • Weight (including battery): 110g
    • Dimension: 112* 50* 25mm
    • Certificate: CE

    Digital Laser Distance Meter Packing List

    • 1 x Package color box
    • 1 x Rangefinder mainframe
    • 1 x Portable cloth bag
    • 1 x Portable lanyard
    • 2 x 7# dry battery
    • 1 x Reflective plate
    • 1 x Instruction manual
    • 1 x Certificate of Conformity

    100M Laser Distance Meter Dimension Unit (mm)

    Digital distance meter dimension
    Tips: Applications of phased laser range sensors

    Phase laser ranging sensors are used in a wide range of applications, with measurement distances ranging from tens to hundreds of meters and accuracies generally at the millimeter level, in line with the needs of most applications in industry.The uses of phase laser ranging sensors include dimensional measurement, position measurement, liquid level measurement, deformation monitoring, monitoring of natural disasters such as tsunamis/mudslides, positioning, etc. According to different applications and working conditions, their roles are different depending on the application and working conditions.

    • Metal industry

    For example, in metal cutting applications, we often need to cut metals of specified specifications and specified lengths, and by installing laser ranging equipment on the cutting equipment, we can monitor the cutting lengths and perform accurate cutting. In addition, it also includes forging and filling of steel, etc. Since the temperature of metal forging is very high, laser ranging sensors can monitor and control the forging process of metal without contact, which improves the efficiency of process production.

    • Bridges

    The upper and lower decks of bridges are monitored by laser ranging sensors to monitor truss tilt and deformation; in addition such as historical buildings, including church buildings, etc., the protection of which is not only in the interest of the owners but also in respect to the owners. With our laser distance sensors, we can monitor the small "movements" of these buildings in order to carefully monitor and protect them.

    • Railways

    Railroad track monitoring includes railroad infrastructure monitoring, railroad tunnel deformation monitoring, mountainous railroad rock mudflow monitoring, etc.

    • Warehouse logistics

    For example, laser distance sensors are commonly used for silo level, logistics truck position monitoring and positioning, etc.

    Existing reviews of 100m Digital Laser Distance Meter
    High quality digital laser distance meter
    I was measuring for a home remodel. This digital laser distance meter is easy to use and the results are correct when comparing the measurements with a tape measure. I will order more.
    From: Johanes | Date: 01/12/2022
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