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    750W Refrigerated Centrifuge Machine, 16000 rpm

    Low price high-speed refrigerated centrifuge with 750W DC brushless motor, speed up to 16000rpm. The cooling centrifuge machine has a powerful cooling system to maintain precise temperature control, thus achieving efficient and reliable sample separation.
    SKU: ATO-RC-750
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    750W is made of high quality steel construction with explosion-proof protective inner sleeve for safe use. ATO refrigerated centrifuge machines are equipped with intuitive programming options that allow easy customization of speed, temperature and time settings.


    • Model: ATO-TGL-16M
    • Power: 750W
    • Maximum Speed: 16000r/min
    • Max Relative Centrifugal Force: 21532xg
    • Maximum Capacity: 4 x 100ml
    • Temperature Control Range: -20-40°C
    • Temperature Control fluctuation: ±1°C
    • Timing Range: 1~99.99min/spotting
    • Noise: ≤62dB
    • Power Supply: AC220V±22V, 50Hz
    • Dimensions: 560X 540X 360mm
    • Net Weight (excluding rotor): 68kg
    • Total Weight: 80kg


    • Refrigerated centrifuge adopts high quality steel structure, explosion-proof protection inner sleeve, stainless steel centrifugal chamber, three layers of protection, safe and reliable.
    • Refrigerated centrifuge machine uses advanced CPU control system, 5-inch LCD touch screen display, micro-controller can accurately control the speed, time and relative centrifugal force.
    • The maintenance-free DC brushless motor has a maximum speed of 16,000rpm with an accuracy of ±20rpm and automatically calculates the RCF value of centrifugal force.
    • The 750W refrigerated centrifuge features an advanced compressor automatic start/stop system and ECO energy saving system, which provides precise temperature control, energy saving and environmental protection, and longer service life.

    Dimension (unit: mm)

    Refrigerated centrifuge dimension


    Refrigerated centrifuges find extensive applications in various fields, such as biomedical research and clinical diagnostics, enabling the separation and preservation of temperature-sensitive samples with precise control and low-temperature conditions.

    Refrigerated centrifuge applications

    Tips: How does a refrigerated centrifuge maintain temperature control during operation?

    A refrigerated centrifuge maintains temperature control during operation through the integration of several key components and control mechanisms. Here's a general overview of how it works:

    • Cooling system: A refrigerated centrifuge is equipped with a built-in cooling system, typically utilizing a compressor and a refrigerant, similar to a standard refrigerator or air conditioning system. The cooling system is responsible for generating and maintaining low temperatures within the centrifuge chamber.
    • Temperature sensors: The centrifuge contains temperature sensors placed strategically within the chamber to monitor the temperature. These sensors provide continuous feedback on the current temperature to the control system.
    • Control system: The control system of the refrigerated centrifuge processes the input from the temperature sensors and compares it with the desired temperature set by the user. It regulates the cooling system accordingly to maintain the set temperature.
    • Thermostat: The control system employs a thermostat, which acts as a switch to turn the cooling system on or off as needed. When the temperature rises above the set point, the thermostat signals the cooling system to start functioning. Conversely, when the temperature falls below the desired level, the thermostat signals the cooling system to stop.
    • Insulation: The centrifuge chamber is typically insulated to minimize heat transfer between the interior and the external environment. This insulation helps maintain a stable temperature inside the chamber and reduces the workload on the cooling system.
    • Air circulation: The refrigerated centrifuge also incorporates a fan or an air circulation system that ensures even distribution of cooled air within the chamber. This helps maintain a consistent temperature throughout the samples being centrifuged.
    • User settings: Users can input their desired temperature settings through a control panel or interface on the centrifuge. The control system then adjusts the cooling system to achieve and maintain the specified temperature.
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