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    1/2" Digital Flow Switch for Water

    Factory price digital water flow switch for sale, 1/2 inch thread port size, with digital display for real time monitoring, ±2% accuracy, measuring water and ethylene glycol aqueous solution, fluid temperature 0~90℃. This water flow switch comes with water sensor, which is designed for flow sensing to transmit data to the mainboard.
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    Lightweight water flow switch with digital display can monitor data in real time. It is designed with water sensor to transmit data to the mainboard, selectable signal output PNP or NPN.


    Model ATO-NPF3W72004
    Port Size Rc (PT) 1/2 inch
    Applicable Fluid Water, Ethylene glycol aqueous solution (with viscosity of 3 MPa·s [3 cP] or less)
    Detection Method Karman vortex
    Rated Flow Range 2~16L/min
    Display Flow Range 1.7~22.0L/min
    Set Flow Range 1.7~22.0L/min
    Smallest Settable Increment 0.1L/min
    Conversion of Accumulated Pulse 0.1L/pulse
    Fluid Temperature 0 to 90°C (No freezing or condensation)
    Display Unit Instantaneous flow: L/min, Accumulated Flow: L
    Accuracy Display value: ±3% F.S. Analog output: ±3% F.S.
    Repeatability ±2% F.S
    Temperature Characteristics ±5% F.S. (25°C standard)
    Operating Pressure Range 0~1MPa
    Proof Pressure 45kPa or less at the maximum flow
    Accumulated Flow Range 99999999.9L
    By 0.5L
    Switch Output / NPN or PNP
    Max. Load Current 80mA
    Max. Applied Voltage DC28V
    Internal Voltage Drop NPN: 1 V or less (at load current of 80 mA)
    PNP: 1.5 V or less (at load current of 80 mA)
    Response Time 0.5s/ 1s/ 2s
    Output Protection Short-circuit protection
    Analog Output Voltage Output Voltage output: 1 to 5 V Output impedance: 1 kΩ
    Current Output Output current: 4 to 20 mA
    Max. load impedance: 300 Ω for 12 VDC, 600 Ω for 24 VDC
    Response Time 0.5s/ 1s/ 2s (linked with the switch output)
    Hysteresis Variable
    External Input Voltage free input: 0.4 V or less (Reed or Solid state), input for 30ms or longer
    Display Method 2-screen display (Main screen: 4-digit, 7-segment, 2-color, Red/Green Sub screen: 6-digit, 11-segment, White)
    Display values updated 5 times per second
    Indicator Light Output 1, Output 2: Orange
    Power Supply Voltage DC12~24V±10%
    Current Consumption Below 50mA
    Environment Enclosure IP65
    Operating Temperature Range 0 to 50°C (No freezing or condensation)
    Operating Humidity Range Operation, storage: 35 to 85% R.H. (No condensation)
    Withstand Voltage 1000 VAC for 1 minute between terminals and housing
    Insulation Resistance 50 MΩ or more (500 VDC measured via megohmmeter) between terminals and housing
    Standards and Regulations CE, UL(CSA), RoHS
    Wetted Parts Material PPS. SUS304. FKM. SCS13, Non-grease
    Weight 1kg

    Flow Rate Diagram

    Voltage Output: A: 1V, B: 1.5V, C: 5V
    Current Output: A: 4mA, B: 6mA, C: 20mA

    Flow rate diagram of digital flow switch for water

    Pin Number & Wire Color

    Wire color of digital flow switch for water

    Pin Number Content Wire Color
    1 DC (+) Brown
    2 OUT2 White
    3 DC (-) Blue
    4 OUT1 Black

    Body Dimensions (Unit: mm)

    Dimensions of digital water flow switch

    Basic Dimensions
    A AA B D E F G H J K L N P
    78 54 30 60 40.6 15.2 27 18 39 30 18 13.6 φ2.7 deep 12
    Bracket Dimensions
    S T U V W WX Y Z
    28 22 32 40 50 4.5 5 1.5

    M8 Lead Wire Dimensions (Unit: mm)

    Dimensions of digital flow switch lead wire


    Digital Flow Switch for Water Details

    Tips: What is a digital water flow switch used for?

    Digital water flow switch is used for electric water heaters, solar water heaters, air conditioners and other water systems for water circulation control, water inlet and outlet control, water heating control, water pump switch control, solenoid valve on-off control or water outlet power-off, water outlet power-on control and other processes. It is a water sensor that converts the water flow into an on-off electrical signal after reaching a certain flow rate.

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