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    G3/4" Magnetic Water Flow Switch

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    G3/4 thread magnetic water flow switch is a flow sensor used in the control of water charging and discharging, water circulation and other water systems. It consists of magnetic core, external case and reed switch, reliable and low price.
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    Magnetic water flow switch is used in the control of water circulation, water charging and discharging, water heating, water pump switch on and off of solenoid valve, or powering on and off of water discharging for electric water heater, solar energy water heater, air condition and other water systems.


    Model ATO-SK
    Thread G1/4" G3/8" G1/2" G3/4"
    Max Operating Flow Rate (When 0.2Mpa) 18L/min 18L/min 20L/min 26L/min
    Max Switch Voltage AC/ DC 250V
    Min Break Down Voltage 500VDC
    Max Switch Current AC 50mA/ DC 0.3A
    Max Carry Current 2.5A
    Max Contact Resistance 100mΩ
    Min Insulation Resistance 1010Ω
    Contact Life 10Times
    Operating Temperature -1 ~ +85℃
    Applicable Environment Temperature -40 ~ +125℃
    Min Flow Rate ≥1.5L/min ≥1.5L/min ≥1.5L/min ≥2.5L/min
    Max Carry Pressure 1.8MPa

    Note: ON when there is water, OFF when there is no water.


    Magnetic water flow switch dimension


    Applications of 3/4 inch Magnetic Water Flow Switch

    Tips: Internal structure of magnetic water flow switch

    A piston with a permanent magnet is arranged on the fluid channel inside the water flow switch housing. When the piston is pushed by the pressure difference caused by the fluid flow, the magnetic piston lead the sealing reed switch inside the device to operate. The diameter of the piston determines the starting flow rate. When the flow decreases, the stainless steel spring pushes the piston back into place. When the reed switch is actuated, it can transmit alarm or instruction remotely, or it can be integrated into the automatic control system. In addition, set the upper or lower limit for the flow switch, when the flow reaches the limit value, the flow switch will send a signal or alarm, and the system will run or stop. Flow switches are usually used in systems that require flow.

    Existing reviews of G3/4" Magnetic Water Flow Switch
    Great magnetic water flow switch
    I used magnetic water flow switch this on my solar water heater. I followed the steps in the manual to install the switch and it was set up quickly. After that I tested the operation of my water heater and the water came out and shut off very quickly. The water shut off was pretty tight and it did not even show a drip. I love this flow switch so much.
    From: Toby | Date: 23/07/2021
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    Nice magnetic water flow switch and no leaking!
    This magnetic water flow switch is much better quality than the cheap ones. I bought the flow rate of 15L/min. Easy to operate and install. The switch responds quickly and has a small size, which is both space-saving and appealing. Nothing has been wrong with external or internal leakage. I am going to buy a few more.
    From: Wexyn | Date: 22/07/2021
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