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    Incremental Rotary Encoder, Hollow Shaft, 2048 ppr

    Optical incremental encoder adopts hollow shaft, can sleeve-jointed on motor output shaft, high resolution, high quality, manufacturer direct sale.
    SKU: ATO-S-IRE2048PH
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    Incremental rotary encoders with 2048 ppr can be used for robots, workbenches, injection molding machines, electronic equipment, printing and packaging machinery, non-standard equipment and CNC machine, a variety of office automation systems, industrial automation control and measurement fields.


    • Incremental rotary encoder internal adopts ASIC devices
    • High reliability, long life
    • Anti-jamming performance
    • Small size, light weight, compact structure
    • Easy installation


    Basics Model ATO-IRE2048PH
    Weight 400 g
    Wiring Color White Black Red Green Yellow Brown Gray Orange Shielded wire
    Signal Vcc 0V A B Z A- B- Z- GND
    Mechanical properties Maximum speed per minute (r/min) 5000
    Starting torque 1.5*10-3Nm (25℃)
    Maximum load Radial load: 20N, axial load: 10N
    Shock resistance 980m/s2
    Anti-vibration 50m/s2 (10~200Hz)
    Rotational inertia 4X10-8kgm2
    Operating temperature -30~85℃
    Storage temperature -35~95℃
    Protection Level IP50
    Electrical characteristics Output circuit Open-collector output Voltage output Push-pull output Line driver output
    Supply voltage Vcc DC 5V±0.2 DC 5~24V DC 5V±0.2 DC 5~24V DC 5V±0.2 DC 5~24V DC5V±0.2 DC 5~24V
    Current consumption ≤80mA ≤80mA ≤80mA ≤150mA
    Output high level ≥3.5V ≥Vcc-2.5V - - ≥2.5V ≥Vcc-2.5V
    Output low level ≤0.5V ≤0.5V - - ≤0.5V ≤1.0V
    Rise time Tr ≤500ns ≤1500ns - - ≤200ns ≤500ns
    Fall time Tf ≤100ns ≤300ns - - ≤200ns ≤200ns
    Maximum frequency response 0~300kHz 0~300kHz 0~300kHz 0~300kHz 0~300kHz 0~300kHz

    Selection table:

    ATO-IRE2048P S/H/B 20/25/30 30/38/40/44/
    D/G/H/E/ AB/ABZ T/C/K/P/L 5/524
    Pulse per revolution Shaft mode Shaft diameter Shell size Connection mode Output phase Output mode Working voltage
    2048 ppr S: Solid shaft
    H: Hollow shaft
    B: Blind shaft
    20: Ф20mm
    25: Ф25mm
    30: Ф30mm
    30: Ф30mm
    38: Ф38mm
    40: Ф40mm
    44: Ф44mm
    46: Ф46mm
    52: Ф52mm
    58: Ф58mm
    60: Ф60mm
    70: Ф70mm
    80: Ф80mm
    90: Ф90mm
    100: Ф100mm
    D: Socket at the side
    G: Cable at the side
    H: Socket at the back
    E: Cable at the back
    AB: 2 phase A, B
    ABZ: 3 phase A, B, Z
    T: Voltage output
    C: NPN open collector
    K: PNP open collector
    P: Push-pull output PNP+NPN
    L: Line driver
    5: +5V
    524: +5~24V

    Tips: How to determine the encoder zero position

    1. Rotate the encoder shaft to correspond zero positon when installing the encoder.
    2. It is similar to the above method, but rotate the encoder shell and find zero position.
    3. Power on and move the installation machine tocorrespond zero positon.
    4. Offset calculation, it is not necessary to find zero for the machinery and encoder, according to the deviation of the encoder readings and the actual position of the calculation, get the offset, after the encoder reading minus the offset. It can be repeated several times to correct the offset.
    5. Intelligent external zero setting, such as setting zero through the button of the encoder, or the external software.
    6. The best position-setting method is to preset a non-zero position (leave margins for slip and overshoot), and preset rotation direction and offset calculation. Or set a middle position, the offset is the midpoint value, the setting line and the power is in direct contact, the encoder output is the midpoint position, this trip is +/- half full; within this range of travel, it will not hop zero position every time it goes through regardless of the direction of rotation.
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