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    Incremental Magnetic Linear Encoder, Non-Contact, 2+2mm/5+5mm

    Incremental magnetic linear encoder for sale at factory price, optional magnetic spacing 2+2mm or 5+5mm, supply voltage 5V or 7~28V, output frequency 100 KHz. This non-contact magnetic scale encoder is a displacement sensor that uses the magnetic action of the magnetic strip and magnetic resistance to measure, forming an open, rugged, and durable magnetic measurement system.
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    An incremental magnetic linear encoder is a precision measurement device used to track the linear position of a moving object. Incremental magnetic scale encoders are commonly used in applications like CNC machines, robotics, and automated assembly lines, where precise positioning is crucial.


    • The incremental magnetic linear encoder has high system accuracy, high repeatability and high resolution.
    • The incremental magnetic scale linear encoder comes with an intelligent error indicator light to show the working status of the encoder.
    • It is a non-contact measurement, industrial standard digital signal (A+, A-, B+, B-, Z+, Z-).
    • High-quality connecting wire, braided shielding wire, bending resistance, wear resistance and interference resistance.
    • Dust resistance, wear resistance, impact resistance, vibration resistance and magnetic field interference resistance.
    • Protection level IP67, resistant to oil, dust, lubricant and other pollution.


    • Model: ATO-LMH
    • Supply Voltage (Optional): 5V or 7~28V +/-5%
    • Magnetic Spacing (Optional): 2+2mm or 5+5mm
    • Resolution: 5mm: 0.0025mm, 2mm: 0.001mm
    • Repetition Accuracy: ±0.025+0.02*Lmm
    • Output Frequency: 100 KHz
    • Speed: 4m/s
    • Cable: 6-Core Shielded Wire
    • Wiring Method: Direct Lead Output or DB9
    • Output Form: RS422
    • LED Status Indication: Red/Green
    • Current: Less Than 60mA (No Load)
    • Insulation Resistance: More Than 20mΩ
    • Withstand Voltage: 500VAC (50/60Hz, 1 Minute, Between Terminal and Housing)
    • Protection Level: IP67
    • Operating Temperature: -20°C~70°C
    • Storage Temperature: -20°C~80°C

    Signal Output Diagram

    Incremental magnetic linear encoder output signal

    Note: The output signal is a differential RS422 signal. It is recommended to use a 120 ohm matching resistor at the receiving end to improve anti-interference and reduce the impact of signal reflection.

    Dimension (Unit: mm)

    Incremental magnetic linear encoder dimension

    Tips: What is the difference between incremental and absolute magnetic linear encoders?

    Incremental and absolute magnetic linear encoders differ in how they measure and report position. Incremental encoders track position changes relative to a starting point by generating pulses as the encoder moves. The position is calculated by counting these pulses from a known reference, which necessitates a homing process at startup to establish the reference point. In contrast, absolute encoders provide a unique position value for each point along the measurement range, independent of previous positions or movements. This means they offer immediate and accurate position information upon startup without the need for homing. Incremental encoders are generally simpler and less expensive, suitable for applications where relative movement and speed tracking are sufficient. Absolute encoders, being more complex and costly, are preferred in applications requiring precise and reliable position data, especially after power cycles or interruptions.

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