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    Absolute Magnetic Linear Encoder, Non-Contact, 2+2mm

    Buy an absolute magnetic linear encoder online, with 2+2 magnetic spacing. This magnetic scale encoder is a position sensor used to measure linear displacement. It can be connected to various connection options such as external drives, motion control cards, PLCs, etc.
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    The magnetic scale comprises an incremental code track consisting of a 2mm pole pitch and an absolute code track consisting of binary coding. Therefore, the direction must be matched with the encoder during installation and use. The encoder transmits the absolute position information via the selected communication protocol with low latency and short response time.


    • The absolute magnetic encoder is equipped with an absolute position dual-track measurement system.
    • The absolute magnetic linear encoder provides position data communication interfaces, including SSI and BISS-C.
    • This encoder is equipped with a parameter configuration interface using the RS485 standard.
    • Magnetic scale linear encoder adopts an aluminum alloy housing, it has strong anti-interference capabilities.
    • It uses highly flexible, bend-resistant braided shielded wire.
    • It has high resolution and high precision and is equipped with an intelligent error message prompt function

    Absolute magnetic linear encoders are connected to various connection options such as external drives, motion control cards, PLCs, etc. via ultra-flexible, highly sensitive cables. Due to the strong and stable design of the magnetic scale encoder and cable, good electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) of the absolute encoder system is ensured.


    • Model: ATO-AMG2000
    • Supply Voltage: 5V +/-5%
    • Magnetic Spacing: 2+2mm
    • Resolution: 0.0001mm (Contact us for other resolutions)
    • Position Data Interface (Optional): SSI or BISS-C
    • Parameter Configuration Interface: RS485
    • Repeat Accuracy: ±2 Resolution
    • Cable (Optional): 4~8 Core Shielded Wire
    • SSI clock frequency input: ≤750KHz
    • Magnetic Strip Accuracy: (0.02+0.03*L)mm
    • Maximum measuring length: 16.3m
    • Maximum speed: 4m/s
    • Maximum cable length: 10m
    • Vibration resistance: 200m/s2
    • Consumption Current: 150mA (Max)
    • Wiring Method: Direct Lead Output
    • shell: Aluminum Alloy
    • Relative humidity: 100%RH
    • Protection Level: IP67
    • Operating Temperature: -0°C~55°C
    • Storage Temperature: -20°C~70°C

    Electrical Connection Diagram

    Absolute magnetic linear encoder electrical connection

    Dimension (Unit: mm)

    Absolute magnetic linear encoder dimension

    Tips: Absolute magnetic linear encoder applications

    Absolute magnetic linear encoders are crucial in various industrial and automation applications where precise position feedback is essential. These encoders utilize magnetic fields to determine the absolute position of a linear motion component with high accuracy and reliability. They find extensive use in CNC machines, robotics, semiconductor manufacturing, and precision measurement systems. In CNC machines, they provide accurate positioning of cutting tools, ensuring precise machining operations. In robotics, they enable precise movement control for tasks such as pick-and-place operations in manufacturing. Semiconductor manufacturing relies on these encoders for precise alignment of components during the fabrication process. Additionally, they are used in precision measurement systems for tasks like metrology and quality control in industries where accurate linear position measurement is critical. Overall, absolute magnetic linear encoders play a vital role in enhancing the efficiency, accuracy, and reliability of various industrial processes.

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