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    Absolute Magnetic Linear Encoder, 2+2mm

    Favorable price absolute magnetic scale linear encoder system, with 2+2mm magnetic spacing, is mainly used in various automatic motion control scenarios. It is a position and speed control feedback unit. The non-contact strip encoder adopts the IP67 potting process, providing a reliable, stable working state and high resolution.
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    Absolute magnetic linear encoders are connected to various connection options such as external drives, motion control cards, PLCs, etc. via ultra-flexible, highly sensitive cables. Due to the strong and stable design of the magnetic scale encoder and cable, good electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) of the absolute encoder system is ensured.


    • The absolute magnetic linear encoder has a true dual-channel feedback system, which is suitable for high-speed, multi-motor pulley operation scenarios.
    • The magnetic scale encoding cycle is the same, and the length is 126mm.
    • During the magnetic scale crossing process, it can automatically switch between zero and absolute position information, and keep communication smooth. The detection blind area is very small.
    • The absolute magnetic strip encoder supports multiple communication protocols such as BISS-C, SSI, Tamagawa, RS-485, etc.
    • It adopts a widened appearance structure design and supports multiple specifications of magnetic scales with widths of 12mm, 15mm and 20mm.
    • The absolute magnetic linear encoder adopts IP67 grade epoxy resin potting process.


    Model ATO-AMS128
    Technical Parameters
    Pole width 2mm
    Maximum measuring length 114mm
    Repeat accuracy <2μm
    Unidirectional repeatability <1μm
    Maximum speed 5m/s
    Electrical Parameters
    Power supply from 4.75V to 5.5V (on the connector), reverse polarity protection
    Power consumption <250mA (5V power supply, 15m cable length, no load)
    Setup Time After Power-On <350ms (after the setup time, the encoder will start responding according to the communication protocol)
    Position delay <62.5μs
    Position Data Communication interface (Optional) SSI/BISS-C/TAMA/RS485
    Connector Type (Optional) 9-way D-type connector (male)/15-way D-type connector (male)/26-way D-type connector (male)
    Wiring Method Direct lead output
    Structural Parameters
    Material Encoder: aluminum alloy
    Weight 125g (read head with 0.5m cable, DB9 connector)
    Cable Parameters
    Cable type black, PUR high bending cable, UL AWM identification, drag chain compatible, tinned braided shield, RoHS approved
    Number of Wires 8
    Cable Outer Diameter 5.0 +0.15mm
    Wire AWG Red-grey, white-blue, brown-yellow, green-black 4x2x0.05mm2
    Cable Bending Radius Fixed installation: 35mm, free movement: 69mm, continuous bending: 83mm
    Cable Mass 31g/m
    Cable Torsion Continuous torsion is not allowed
    Ambient Temperature Parameters
    Operating Temperature -10°C~+55°C
    Storage Temperature -20C~+ 85°C
    Vibration (55Hz to 2000 Hz) 300 m/s2 (iec60068-2-6: 2007)
    Shock (11ms) 300 m/s2 (iec60068-2-6: 2007)
    Humidity 100%RH (condensation allowed)
    EMC Static Electricity EN IEC 61000-6-2: 2019
    EMC Radiation EN IEC 61000-6-4: 2019
    Environmental Sealing IP67 (according to IEC 60529: 1992+A2: 2013)
    External Magnetic Field Allowed in Working State <1 mT

    Connector Types

    Absolute magnetic linear encoder connector types

    Dimension (Unit: mm)

    Absolute magnetic linear encoder dimension

    Tips: How does an absolute magnetic linear encoder work?

    An absolute magnetic linear encoder utilizes a scale with magnetic field patterns, a sensor head, and processing electronics to determine position accurately. The scale contains magnetic regions representing digital position information. As the sensor head moves along the scale, it detects the magnetic field variations. Each unique magnetic pattern corresponds to a specific position. The sensor head captures these patterns and converts them into digital signals. Processing electronics then interpret these signals to determine the precise position along the linear path. Unlike incremental encoders, which require a reference point to determine absolute position, absolute magnetic linear encoders provide position information without the need for a homing or initialization sequence. This inherent absolute positioning capability makes them ideal for applications requiring high precision and reliability, such as in industrial automation, CNC machines, and robotics.

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