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    50VA Toroidal Transformer, 120V to 24-0-24V/30-0-30V

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    50VA toroidal transformer steps down a primary voltage of 120V to selectable secondary voltages of 24-0-24V (2x24V) / 30-0-30V (2x30V) or other voltages. This single-phase transformer using high-quality copper wire, ensures superior power handling with minimal losses. Its customizability allows for tailored electrical solutions, fitting specific power demands. The toroidal design offers advantages like reduced magnetic interference and compactness, making it a preferred choice for power-sensitive applications.
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    50VA single phase toroidal transformer is designed to step down primary voltage 120V to secondary voltage 30-0-30 volt. Suited for power supply circuitry of electric machines and electronics devices with low nonload losses and weight. The factory possessed the most mordern machines, which guarantees the tightly wound coil and high electrical performance.

    Advantages of ATO Toroidal Transformer

    1. High Efficiency: Winding matches core perfectly, which makes the transformer more efficiency.
    2. Long Service Life: With high quality materials and manufacturing technology, the transformer can be used for 30 years.
    3. Less Noise: The core is seamlessly rolled and the winding is set evenly over it, which makes the transformer quiet when it is working.
    4. Less Radiation: Toroidal structure and winding technology reduce electromagnetic radiation.
    5. Low Temperature Rise: Even it is overloaded at 120%, temperature rise will be less than 70℃.

    50VA Toroidal Transformer Specifications

    Model ATO-C50VA
    Phase Single phase
    Power 50VA (50W)
    Primary Voltage 120V AC (Optional: 110V, 120V, 220V, 230V, 240V)
    Secondary Voltage 2x24V (24-0-24) AC (Optional: 12V, 24V, 48V, 110V, 220V, 2x6V, 2x12V, 2x15V, 2x24V, 2x30V, 2x35V, 2x40V, 2x50V, can be customized)
    Secondary Current 4.17A each winding
    No. of Inputs 1 intput
    No. of Outputs 2 inputs, 4-wire (1 output is available)
    Note: For the transformer with 2 outputs 4-wire, each output provides the same voltage and current level, the sum of 2 output power capacities is equal to the total capacity.
    Frequency 50Hz/60Hz
    Winding Material Copper Wire
    Coil Structure Toroidal
    Efficiency 90%-96%
    No-load Loss <1.08W
    Input Wire UL1015-18#Red
    Output Wire UL1015-16#Blue, Black
    Voltage Strength DC2500V
    Insulation Impedance ≥500MΩ
    Cooling Method Natural air cooling
    Temperature +40℃
    Certification CE, RoHS, ISO
    Warranty 12 months
    External Diameter 90mm
    Height 41mm
    Pedestal 90*90mm
    Mounting Hole Distance 78*78mm
    Weight 1.2kg
    Package Included 1*Toroidal transformer + 1*Accesorries sets (Nut, Shim, Metal disk, Rubber gaske, Pedestal, Screw)

    Toroidal Transformer Accessories

    toroidal transformer accessories

    Toroidal Transformer Mounting Methods

    toroidal transformer mounting method

    Toroidal Transformer Internal Structure

    toroidal transformer internal structure


    The core of toroidal transformer is made of high-quality cold-rolled silicon steel sheet (generally less than 0.35 mm in thickness) by seamless rolling, which makes its performance of the core superior to that of traditional laminated core. When winding the coil of the toroidal transformer evenly around the core, the direction of the magnetic lines of force produced by the coil almost coincides with that of the magnetic circuit of the core, and the excitation energy and core loss will be reduced by 25% compared with the laminated core. Made of winding of silicon steel strip, the annular core has a continuous magnetic circuit, while laminated-core transformer has air gap between EI sheets. Therefore, the existence of large air gap reluctance is the main shortcoming of laminated-core transformer. By contrast, annular core has no air gap, and its electrical noise is much lower than that of EI and C-shaped core transformers. On the one hand, the use of vacuum impregnation technology can make the core a solid whole and not deform during winding and processing, on the other hand, the solid annular core reduced vibration and noise.

    Compared with ordinary transformers, toroidal transformers have great advantages in efficiency, temperature rise, cost, anti-interference, and longevity. This video will showcase its function and benefits.

    Existing reviews of 50VA Toroidal Transformer, 120V to 24-0-24V/30-0-30V
    This is the excellent toroidal transformer I was looking for
    I have high requirements for toroidal transformers, no noise, no magnetic leakage, and no noise. Because I have a small space but require enough power, the factories that have bought many toroidal transformers can't send my requirements, either heat or leakage, and ATO's toroidal transformer can meet all my needs.
    From: Daniel | Date: 14/06/2022
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    Whether it has a three-phase autotransformer
    Can you provide motorized 3 phase variable autotransformer (variac)
    voltage rating: 480V input / 0-560V output.
    From: Elyse | Date: 11/04/2021
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    ATO Responded
    Yes. But due to the large capacity of requested transformer (250KVA), our technical dept recommends to modify your request from 3 phase auto transformer into a 3 phase isolating transformer (480V input / 0-560V output), which will be better and more stable.
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