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    Temperature and Humidity Sensor/Transmitter, Wireless

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    Temperature and humidity transmitter adopts capacitive type digital temperature and humidity sensor, wide measuring range, high accuracy, anti-interference ability, high-definition TFT color display, output 2.4G wireless WIFI signal. Wireless temperature and humidity transmitter can connect with various kinds of external temperature and humidity sensor for long distance testing.
    SKU: ATO-TAHT-AW5145
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    Temperature and humidity transmitter built-in capacitive type digital temperature and humidity sensor, 2.4G wireless WIFI output signal.

    Application: Temperature and humidity transmitter is widely used in electronics, pharmaceuticals, food, storage, tobacco, textiles, weather and other industries.

    Model ATO-TAHT-AW5145
    Weight 400g
    Dimension (L*W*H) 146*115.5*35.4mm
    Output signal 2.4G wireless WIFI (IEEE802.11n)
    Communication protocol MODBUS TCP
    Supply voltage DC 9-36V/USB: 5V
    Measuring range of relative humidity 0~99.9%RH
    Measuring range of temperature -20~+60℃
    Accuracy of humidity ±3%RH
    Accuracy of temperature ±0.5℃
    Resolution 0.1℃/0.1%RH
    Long-term stability <1%RH/year, <0.1℃/year
    Current consumption ≤50mA (24V)
    Sampling period 2s
    Housing material Engineering plastics
    Working environment Temperature: -40~80℃, humidity: 0~99.9% no condensation
    Storage environment Temperature: 0~60℃, humidity: <90%RH

    Dimensional drawing:
    Temperature and humidity transmitter WF7005 dimensional drawing


    Temperature and Humidity Sensor Details

    Tips: Greenhouse intelligent wireless temperature and humidity monitoring system
    The greenhouse intelligent temperature and humidity monitoring system adopts high accuracy temperature and humidity sensor, can automatically control the internal environment of the greenhouse and avoid loss of production due to human factors. Automatic control will greatly increase output and quality, especially for higher grade economic crops, such as some expensive flowers or herbs. The monitoring system is composed of wireless temperature and humidity sensor and computer. According to the requirements of actual detection, wireless temperature and humidity sensors can be installed in the corresponding position. All the temperature and humidity sensors transmit data through the wireless network. The monitoring system can also integrate various sensors such as temperature, humidity, illumination, carbon dioxide concentration and soil environment according to actual needs, as well as the printer, thus realizing the browsing, analysis, comparison and storage of all kinds of data.

    Existing reviews of Temperature and Humidity Sensor/Transmitter, Wireless
    The wireless temperature and humidity sensor is set in the freezer. When I am in the office, I can check the temperature and humidity of the freezer on my mobile phone in real time. It saves me a lot of time and energy. It's so useful and helpful.
    From: Robert | Date: 07/06/2018
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