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    5000VA Toroidal Transformer, 230V to 50-0-50V

    High power 5000VA (5000 watt) electric toroidal transformer is compact size and full cooper wire design, make the conversion efficiency up to 96%. 50Hz/ 60Hz low frequency, 1-phase 230V input voltage to dual 2x50V (50-0-50) output voltage, 12V/ 24V/ 48V single output is available for optional.
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    Single phase 5000VA toroidal transformer power supply for sales, with high performance and competitive price, designed to step down input voltage 230V AC to double output voltage 50-0-50 volt or single output voltage 12V/24V, input/output voltage can be customized as your needs. It features high insulation strength, UL recognised, less noise and long life.

    Advantages of ATO Toroidal Transformer

    1. High Efficiency: Winding matches core perfectly, which makes the transformer more efficiency.

    2. Long Service Life: With high quality materials and manufacturing technology, the transformer can be used for 30 years.

    3. Less Noise: The core is seamlessly rolled and the winding is set evenly over it, which makes the transformer quiet when it is working.

    4. Less Radiation: Toroidal structure and winding technology reduce electromagnetic radiation.

    5. Low Temperature Rise: Even it is overloaded at 120%, temperature rise will be less than 70℃.

    5000VA Toroidal Transformer Specifications

    Model ATO-C5000VA
    Phase Single phase
    Power 5000VA
    Primary Voltage 230V AC (Optional: 110V, 120V, 220V, 230V, 240V)
    Secondary Voltage 2x50V (50-0-50) AC (Optional: 12V, 24V, 48V, 2x6V, 2x12V, 2x15V, 2x24V, 2x30V, 2x35V, 2x40V, 2x50V... can be customized)
    Secondary Current 208.33A each winding
    No. of Inputs 1 intput
    No. of Outputs

    2 inputs, 4-wire (1 output is available)

    Note: For the transformer with 2 outputs 4-wire, each output provides the same voltage and current level, the sum of 2 output power capacities is equal to the total capacity.

    Frequency 50Hz/60Hz
    Winding Material Copper Wire
    Coil Structure Toroidal
    Efficiency 90%-96%
    No-load Loss <7.15W
    Input Wire UL1015-14
    Output Wire UL3321-12
    Voltage Strength DC2500V
    Insulation Impedance ≥500MΩ
    Cooling Method Natural air cooling
    Temperature +40℃
    Certification CE, RoHS, ISO, UL
    Warranty 12 months
    External Diameter 250mm
    Height 100mm
    Pedestal 250*250mm
    Mounting Hole Distance 250*250mm
    Weight 36kg
    Package Included 1*Toroidal transformer + 1*Accesorries sets (Nut, Shim, Metal disk, Rubber gaske, Pedestal, Screw)

    Toroidal Transformer Accessories

    toroidal transformer accessories

    Toroidal Transformer Mounting Methods

    toroidal transformer mounting method

    Toroidal Transformer Internal Structure

    toroidal transformer internal structure


    Tips: Under what circumstances can a toroidal transformer not be used normally?

    1. Toroidal transformers cannot be used normally in the case of being proved to be unqualified in production processes or tests.
    2. If the parameters of the toroidal transformer cannot be matched with the parameters of the paired equipment, the toroidal transformer cannot be used normally, so the customer must explain the use occasions and needed parameters with the manufacturer before purchasing the toroidal transformer.
    3. If the toroidal transformer is accidentally broken during logistics or courier transportation, or the base of the toroidal transformer is deformed, causing mutual collision between the transformers, or the damage of the copper wire, it can neither be used normally.

    Compared with ordinary transformers, toroidal transformers have great advantages in efficiency, temperature rise, cost, anti-interference, and longevity. This video will showcase its function and benefits.

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