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    Toroidal Transformer, IP67, 220V to 12V/24V, 800W/1000W

    Toroidal transformer, IP67, 220V to 12V/24V, 600W/800W/1000W/1200W is designed to provide robust and reliable power conversion in demanding environments. With an IP67 rating, this power transformer is fully protected against dust ingress and can withstand temporary immersion in water, making it ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications. The toroidal power transformer efficiently converts a 220V input to either 12V or 24V output, offering flexibility for various power requirements.
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    The toroidal transformer provides both 12V and 24V output options and has 600W, 800W, 1000W and 1200W rated power, providing ample power for a variety of high-demand applications. This toroidal power transformer is engineered to deliver dependable power conversion with maximum efficiency and protection. Featuring an IP67 rating, this transformer is designed to be dust-tight and capable of withstanding water immersion, making it ideal for challenging indoor and outdoor environments.


    • The input line of this waterproof transformer is cold-resistant, UV-resistant, and anti-aging. The plug is detachable for easy power-on testing.
    • Toroidal power transformer has added an LED indicator light, which can easily identify the working status, making work installation and maintenance more convenient.
    • Waterproof toroidal transformer is specially selected for thermal conductive resin and fully encapsulated with epoxy resin.
    • Toroidal transforme has a built-in all-copper toroidal transformer with sufficient output power, standard voltage, and stable operation.
    • The aluminum shell of the transformer dissipates heat, and heat dissipation in outdoor high-temperature environments is the key. The quality of heat dissipation directly affects the lifespan.


    Model ATO-T-C1200VA
    Primary Voltage 220V
    Secondary Voltage 12V/24V
    Rated Power 600VA/800VA//1000VA/1200VA (W)
    Frequency 50Hz/60Hz
    Power Phases Single phase
    Moisture Proof Method Encapsulated type
    Cooling Method Natural cooling
    Cooling Type Dry type
    Frequency Characteristics Low frequency
    Winding Type Double winding
    Core Type Ring type
    Core Shape Ring type
    Appearance Structure Horizontal type
    Efficiency (η) ≥90%
    Hole Distance 158mm*70mm
    Product Volume 235mm*165mm*80mm
    Waterproof Grade lP67 (CE+ Inspection Report)
    Weight 600VA (9kg), 800VA (10kg), 1000VA (11kg), 1200VA (12kg)
    Status Indicator LED working indicator
    Epoxy Potting Thermal conductive resin potting
    Protective Device Temperature & Overload protection
    Waterproof Housing Round aluminum housing
    Input Line 2*0.75mm2*0.9m VDE
    Output Line 3321-14#0.3m blue-blue

    Epoxy Potting

    Toroidal transformer epoxy potting

    Production Process
    Toroidal transformer production process

    Tips: Maximizing toroidal transformer performance

    • To minimize electromagnetic interference (EMI), consider placing a magnetic shield around the toroidal transformer. This is particularly useful in sensitive electronic applications.
    • Toroidal transformers can have high inrush currents at startup. Use an inrush current limiter or soft-start circuit to protect the transformer and connected devices.
    • For applications involving audio or precision electronics, be mindful of harmonic distortion. Toroidal power transformers typically have low harmonic distortion, but additional filtering may be needed for ultra-sensitive equipment.
    • Implement a thermal cut-off switch or temperature sensor to monitor and control the transformer's operating temperature, ensuring it doesn't exceed safe limits.
    • Use isolation mounts or grommets to physically separate the power transformer from sensitive components, reducing the transmission of vibrations.
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