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    What are the Types of LED Indicator Lights?

    A light may come on when the machine is running, or flash when the machine is experiencing technical problems. Lights on the elevator will light up to indicate which floor the elevator is on and when it is safe to leave the elevator. These are just two of the many applications for LED indicators. They are found in a wide variety of industries, but are especially important in those where safety is critical, such as industrial machinery, defense and aerospace applications. LED indicators are very versatile. Here are some of the LED indicator lights.

    Colors of indicator light

    Indicator lights include a colored lens such as red, green, blue, yellowr, clear, or white. These colored lenses symbolize the condition of the machine or equipment to which the lights are connected. Brightness is measured in lumens, while the energy a bulb consumes is measured in watts. To produce similar amounts of light, LED and fluorescents bulbs consume far fewer watts than incandescent or halogen bulbs. 

    What is LED Indicator Light?

    The indicator light is a panel-mounted lamp assembly consisting of the indicator housing, an internal lamp, terminals, and a lens. The light source of indicator light is a high brightness pure color LED or incandescent bulb. As the name implies, indicator lights reveal the status (ON or OFF) of an electrical apparatus in switchboards. In more sophisticated systems, the indicating lights may annunciate the cause of the current interruption, such as line-to-ground fault, overload, and overcurrent condition.

    LED Indicator Light Working Principle

    LED indicator light control system, X-ray collimator is an important component of X-ray machine. Two sets of adjustable screen lead plates are used to define the X-ray exposure field in X-ray emission.Lies in its features, including PC and single chip microcomputer system, camera, motor drive circuit, two dc motors, camera installed in the led indicator light out of the mouth on the shell of light, and make your camera vision, camera to PC, PC output instruction transmitted by serial port to the single-chip microcomputer system, single chip microcomputer system after processing the data, the output through the motor drive circuit to control the led indicator light, and the longitudinal and transverse two dc motor are, inversion, two groups of driven by two dc motor regulation line lead plate movement.

    Why Choose LED Indicator Light?

    LED lighting (LED stands for "light emitting diode" ). And you know that it's the trend of the future. Even if it is not the current trend, it can illuminate everything, from our homes to public places to the indicator lights on our electronic devices. However, with the technology advancing more and more each year, Led lighting has allowed for more flexibility in design, greater efficiency in use and a host of other benefits that affect our daily living. This article is to tell you why choose high quality and suitable LED indicator light.