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    Brazed Plate Air to Air Heat Exchanger, 150 Plate

    Brazed plate air to air heat exchanger is made of stainless steel and copper. Maximum number of metal plates in the series of heat exchangers is 150, and the specific quantity can be customized according to requirements. Suitable medium include water, air, oil, gas, steam, and so on. Heat exchange surface area per plate are available in 0.028/0.030/0.052/0.060 square cm.
    SKU: ATO-PHE-150
    Delivery date: 6-20 days

    Application: Brazed plate heat exchanger can be used in low temperature test equipment, refrigeration equipment, chiller, air conditioner, oil cooling, laser equipment, solar equipment, heat pump units, heating water heaters and other fields. Channel type combinations and distributor configurations are also available for selection or customization.


    Model ATO-PHE-028 ATO-PHE-030 ATO-PHE-052 ATO-PHE-060
    Max Quantity of Plates* 150 150 150 150
    Heat Exchange Capacity 5-15kw 3-30kw 10-70kw 20-95kw
    Heat Exchange Area/Per Plate 0.028m2 0.030m2 0.052m2 0.060m2
    Volume/Per Channel 0.05L 0.028L 0.094L 0.111L
    Plate Thickness 0.4mm 0.3mm 0.4mm 0.3mm
    Max Flow 5.0 m3/h 8.0 m3/h 18 m3/h 22 m3/h
    Channel H, L, M H H, L, M H
    Designed Pressure 3.0/4.0 MPa 3.0/4.5 MPa 3.0/4.5 MPa 3.0/4.5 MPa
    Size 311*111mm 325*95mm 527*111mm 527*120mm
    Weight (kg, n is the plates quantity) 1.2+0.1n 1+0.09n 9+2.4n 9+2.3n
    Liquid Side Maximum Threaded 1"1/4 1" 1"1/4 1"1/4
    Fluorine Side Maximum Thread 1"3/8 1"1/8 1"3/8 1"3/8
    Distributor - HQ HQ, LQ, MQ HQ
    Certification CE
    Designed Temperature -196℃~+200℃

    *Note: With different plate quantity, the price is different. Page price is for reference only. Please contact us for details.

    Dimension Diagram of 150 Plate Brazed Plate Heat Exchanger (unit: mm)

    Calculation method of size A
    Model ATO-PHE-028 ATO-PHE-030 ATO-PHE-052 ATO-PHE-060
    A (mm) 11+2.3n 11+1.55n 11+2.4n 11+2.3n
    A (mm) 9+2.3n 9+1.55n 9+2.4n 9+2.3n

    Dimension Diagram of Plate Heat Exchanger Model 28

    Dimension Diagram of Plate Heat Exchanger Model 52/60


    Tips: Structure of the brazed plate heat exchanger.

    • Brazed plate heat exchanger consists of a group of plates (the adjacent plates form an angle of 180 ° with each other) superpose in order, form a plate package with channel form.
    • Both ends of the heat exchanger are respectively provided with a sealing plate with pipe.
    • The whole plate heat exchanger is made by vacuum brazing.
    • Adjacent channels respectively flow two medium.
    • Plates between adjacent channels are pressed into corrugated pattern to strengthen heat exchange between the two medium.
    • In refrigeration BPHE, water channel is always one more than refrigerant channel.

    Structure Drawing of Brazed Plate Air to Air Heat Exchanger

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