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    AC 220V SCR Voltage Regulator

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    SCR voltage regulator changes voltage value on the load by phase-shift triggering, can continuously adjust the voltage on load. Adjustment range is 0-220VAC. There are three control output types for selection. The main output characteristic is stabilized voltage output. Small size, light weight, high accuracy, strong earthquake resistance, and affordable price.
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    • Double-row LED digital display, real-time display of the current voltage.
    • High accuracy, strong shock resistance, good reliability, strong anti-interference ability, easy operation.
    • Adopt voltage negative feedback technology to stabilize AC voltage.


    Model ATO-ZKG-2000-1 ATO-ZKG-3000-2B ATO-ZKG-300-3B ATO-ZKG-2000A-2A ATO-ZKG-2000A-3A ATO-ZKD-6000-2A ATO-ZKD-6000-3A
    Control Output Type Control SSR-DV Module Control 1 pc of Two-Way controlled Silicon Control 2 pc of Antiparallel SCR or 1 pc of SKKT Control 1 pc of Two-Way controlled Silicon Control 2 pc of Antiparallel SCR or 1 pc of SKKT Control 1 pc of Two-Way controlled Silicon Control 2 pc of Antiparallel SCR or 1 pc of SKKT
    Overall Dimension (L*W*H) 48mm*48mm*90mm 48mm*48mm*107mm 48mm*48mm*75mm 72mm*72mm*120mm
    Opening Dimension (L*W) 45mm*45mm 45mm*45mm 45mm*45mm 67mm*67mm
    Working Voltage AC 220V 50Hz (Other voltages can customize)
    Adjustment Range 0-220VAC
    Ambient Temperature -5℃~40℃
    Relative Humidity ≤85% in non corrosive gas occasion
    Main Output Characteristic Stabilized Voltage Output
    Certification CE
    Installation Mode Panel Type
    Power Consumption 3W

    Dimension Drawing Example

    Dimension Drawing Example of 220V AC SCR Voltage RegulatorDetails

    AC 220V SCR Voltage Regulator Details

    Usage and Adjustment

    1. Switch the POWER to ON and the voltage regulator will work.
    2. Adjust the plus key ∧ or minus key ∨ on panel to make the voltage on load displayed by PV reach the required value or change the set voltage value displayed on SV.
    3. SCR voltage regulator uses negative voltage feedback. It is strictly forbidden to supply half-wave power to the load, so as to prevent the DC current on load from burning feedback transformer inside the instrument. In daily use, it is also necessary to prevent the unilateral conduction of the SCR.
    4. Do not drive inductive loads such as induction furnaces and step-down transformers to prevent damage to the SCR.
    5. If the SCR cannot be fully conducted or the output is severely jittered, it is caused by reverse connection of the trigger connection wires. Exchange the two trigger signal output wires to each other.

    Wiring Diagram

    Wiring Diagram of SCR Voltage Regulator Model G1 
    Wiring Diagram of SCR Voltage Regulator Model G2B Wiring Diagram of SCR Voltage Regulator Model G3B
    Wiring Diagram of SCR Voltage Regulator Model G2A Wiring Diagram of SCR Voltage Regulator Model G3A
    Wiring Diagram of SCR Voltage Regulator Model D2A Wiring Diagram of SCR Voltage Regulator Model D3A

    Installation Precautions

    1. Input the output terminals G and T1 into power terminals L and N and the load LOAD. Working power must be in phase with the load power (that is, the same), otherwise SCR voltage regulator will be damaged.
    2. Withstand voltage of the SCR must be more than 2.5 times the power supply voltage (for example: the use voltage is 220V, and the withstand voltage of SCR must not be lower than AC600V). SCR rated current must be more than 1.5 times the actual current used. SCR should be equipped with a sufficiently large radiator, and pay attention to good ventilation and heat dissipation to ensure that SCR temperature in any case does not exceed 70℃.
    3. The fuse FU must be connected to input end of the phase wire (or SSR-DV input end) and must not be connected to other positions.
    4. When installing thyristor radiator, full consideration should be given to preventing electric shock and short circuit with the thyristor electrodes.
    5. If it needs to connect the ammeter, it must be connected in series with the T2 extreme side of the SCR.
    6. For the instrument, each phase trigger signal line connected to the SCR  should be as short as possible and be routed separately from other wires, so as not to interfere with each other and cause the SCR to trigger out of control.
    Existing reviews of AC 220V SCR Voltage Regulator
    Love the voltage and amp display
    The voltage regulator works great, just add a power supply and voila, you can adjust the voltage and amperage. As long as the current draw is less than the total current drawn by the power supply, you can use this device to supply a higher voltage than the power supply can produce.
    From: Ranjeet | Date: 19/05/2022
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    Great piece of technology
    The voltage regulator is perfect for my next project. I need to charge a lipo but the voltage is very picky. With this I can set a custom voltage to charge my battery. I already have a BMS and this is the finishing touches.
    From: Fiacre | Date: 19/05/2022
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    What is the operating temperature of this voltage regulator?
    Does this voltage regulator can manage the output voltage fluctuation from a solar panel to keep 12v continuous (stable) at the controller output? Would you be able to provide the operating temperature?
    From: Fred | Date: 31/03/2022
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    ATO Responded
    It's not a charge controller; it's a voltage regulator. And the working tempreture is -5℃~40℃.
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