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    Thyristor Power Regulator, 3 Phase 3 Wires

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    Thyristor power regulator price is competitive, can be used in electric power system for power or voltage regulating and temperature control. Rated current can select 75/90/120/150/200/250A, rated voltage is 380VAC, input is 3 phase 3-wire. Control signals are optional in 4-20mA, 0-5VDC, 0-10VDC. Power controller comes with protection function, safe and durable.
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    • Protection function has two options: fast fuse overcurrent protection and auto overtemperature protection.
    • Maximum output and minimum output are adjustable.
    • Linear phase shift control, low starting point and precise temperature control.
    • Modular, high voltage resistant, anti-interference.


    Rated Voltage 3 Phase 380VAC 3 Phase 380VAC
    Wires 3 Phase 3-Wire 3 Phase 3-Wire
    Protection Function Auto-protection for over temperature Built in fast fuse
    Rated Current 75A 90A 120A 150A 200A 250A 120A 150A 200A 250A
    Load Y connection method (220V AC) 23kW 30kW 40kW 50kW 65kW 80kW 40kW 50kW 65kW 80kW
    ▲ connection method (380V AC) 40kW 50kW 68kW 85kW 110kW 140kW 68kW 85kW 110kW 140kW
    Auxiliary Power 220VAC
    Control Signal 4-20mA, 0-5VDC, 0-10VDC
    Certification CE
    Operation Frequency 50Hz/60Hz
    Output Mode phase output
    Use Environment temperature<45℃, humidity<90%RH

    Dimension Chart (Unit:mm)

    Model Rated Current Outline Dimension (L*W*H) Installation Dimension (L*W)
    ATO-HNSCR-LA-ZQ 75A 260*170*250 150*150
    90A 260*170*250 150*150
    120A 260*170*245 150*150
    150A 260*170*245 150*150
    200A 310*170*245 200*150
    250A 360*170*245 250*150
    ATO-FUSCR-LA-ZQ 120A 310*170*245 154*150
    150A 310*170*245 154*150
    200A 310*170*245 154*150
    250A 355*170*245 200*154

    Wiring Diagram of Thyristor Power Regulator

    Wiring Diagram of Thyristor Power Regulator


    Phase Output of SCR Power Regulator


    3-Phase 3-Wires Thyristor Power Regulator Details


    1. Main circuit is 3-phase 3-wire input, no phase sequence is required.
    2. Applicable load: constant impedance electric wire, IR far infrared, UV lamp, etc.
    3. SCR is high current product, please be sure to lock the (R.S.T) and (U.V.W) terminals, otherwise the terminals will heat up and the SCR will burn out.
    4. In the Y type wiring method, center point cannot be connected to zero line, otherwise the SCR will lose control.
    5. When temperature of the heat sink exceeds 75℃, the module will automatically protect and stop working. At this time, only the power indicator LED is on.
    6. SCR is wall-mounted and can be mounted vertically for best heat dissipation.
    Existing reviews of Thyristor Power Regulator, 3 Phase 3 Wires
    Will power regulator have 110v fan supply?
    Hi, will it have 110v fan supply, or is this selectable?
    From: jayden | Date: 12/06/2023
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    ATO Responded
    Power regulator, 3 phase 3 wires 380V AC, the built-in fan voltage is AC 220V, no need for a separate external power supply.
    Trustworthy thyristor power regulator
    This is the first 3 phase 3 wire thyristor power regulator I bought. It can perfectly adjust power and voltage, is safe and durable, and is a trustworthy product.
    From: Barbarae | Date: 29/09/2021
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