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    Miniature Capsule Slip Ring Connector, 25mm, 56-Wire, 2A

    Miniature slip ring connector adopts capsule design. Compact structure, low torque and smooth rotation. Outer diameter is 25mm. Signal/current transmission is 56 wires, 2A/wire. Rotating speed is 250rpm. In addition to standard model, other circuit quantities and currents can be customized.
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    Miniature slip ring standard models are available from stock. Specifications such as circuit wires quantities, current, and signal are customizable. Slip rings are made of ultra-thick gold-plated, high-performance bearings and rare metal alloy brush wires. The wires at rotor and stator use 24-color colored wire for easier wiring and operation. The conductive rings use 90-degree angle V-groove that expand the contact surface for smoother rotation and reduce torque and dynamic resistance.

    Application: Consumer electronics industries such as security and stage lights, as well as non-civilian fields such as defense, military, and research institutes. 


    Model ATO-M250A
    Outer Diameter 25mm
    Rotating Speed 250 rpm
    Working Temp. -30℃~80℃
    Working Humidity 0~85% RH
    Contact Material gold-gold
    Housing Material plastic
    Torque 0.05N.m (+0.01N.m/6 circuits)
    Working Life 10 millions for ref (depends on working conditions)
    Rated Voltage 0~240VAC/VDC
    Lnsulation Resistance ≥300MΩ/300VDC
    Lead Wire Spec. AWG26#teflon,silver plated
    Lead Wire Length standard 150mm (can be customized)
    Certification CE, RoHS
    Dielectric Strength 300VAC@50Hz,60s
    Electrical Noise <0.01Ω
    IP Grade IP51

    Dimension Drawing of 25mm Miniature Capsule Slip Ring Connector (Type A Flange)25mm Miniature Capsule Slip Ring Connector (Type A Flange) Dimension Drawing

    Standard Model List

    Model Number of Circuit Wires Max current/wire Lead spec. Length L (mm)
    ATO-M250A-5602 56 2A AWG26#teflon, silver plated 87.5

    Model Description

    25mm Miniature Capsule Slip Ring Connector Model Description

    Miniature Slip Ring Connector Installation Diagram

    Miniature Slip Ring Connector Installation Diagram

    Tips: Selection for a slip ring

    In general, the slip ring selection needs to consider the following specifications.

    1. The type of transmission signal (current, signal, optical signal, or a mixture of several signals), such as 2-wire 10a, 6- passage signal, etc.
    2. Number of slip ring wires (also called passages/channel)
    3. Dimensions (outer diameter)
    4. Operation speed, rotating speed (that is, how many revolutions per minute, unit is rpm)
    5. Operation temperature
    6. Operation environment
    7. Quality level, whether there is waterproof and dustproof requirements.

    In addition to the basic specifications, as a shafted slip ring, arrangement of the slip ring, ease of installation and disassembly, allowable installation space, size and marketability are also considered.
    When selecting the slip ring, in addition to considering fatigue life of the slip ring, grease life, wear, noise, etc., which occur due to grease aging, also need to be fully considered. In addition, depending on the application, it is necessary to select a slip ring that can move in the axial direction or move on the mounting surface. For relatively short shafts, in the case where the fixed end is not different from the free end, use a one-way fixed, axially moving slip ring. However, there is no order or rule for selecting slip rings. The first thing to consider is the items most relevant to the conditions and performance requirements to the slip ring.

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