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    30mm Miniature Electrical Slip Ring, 4-Wire 30A, 2-Wire 50A

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    Miniature electrical slip ring can 360° rotate transmit large current and. It is capsule design, outer diameter is 30mm. Standard circuits can select 4 wires 30A or 2 wires 50A large current, customized specifications are available. Rotation speed is 250rpm. With A-type flange, installation and use of slip rings are easy.
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    Miniature electrical slip ring core process is a gold-gold contact point with high stability and longevity. Wires of the miniature slip ring rotor and stator use multi-color colored wires, and the wiring is simple. It is widely used in consumer electronics, small wind turbines, stage lights, etc. It can also be used in induction cookers, dining tables and other equipment that require large current and small size of the slip ring. 


    Model ATO-M300A
    Outer Diameter 30mm
    Rotating Speed 250 rpm
    Working Temp. -30℃~80℃
    Working Humidity 0~85% RH
    Contact Material gold-gold
    Housing Material plastic
    Torque 0.05N.m (+0.01N.m/6 circuits)
    Working Life 10 millions for ref (depends on working conditions)
    Rated Voltage 0~440VAC/VDC
    Lnsulation Resistance ≥300MΩ/300VDC
    Lead Wire Spec. refer to model list
    Lead Wire Length standard 200mm (can be customized)
    Certification CE, RoHS
    Dielectric Strength 300VAC@50Hz,60s
    Electrical Noise <0.01Ω
    IP Grade IP51

    30mm Miniature Electrical Slip Ring (Type A Flange) Dimension Drawing

    30mm Miniature Electrical Slip Ring (Type A Flange) Dimension Drawing

    Standard Model List

    Model Number of Circuit Wires Max current/wire Lead spec. Length L (mm)
    ATO-M300A-0430 4 30A AWG12#teflon, silver plated 50
    ATO-M300A-0250 2 50A AWG12*2#teflon, silver plated 50
    ATO-M300A-0630 6 30A AWG12#teflon, silver plated 65.7

    Color Code of Lead Wire

    ring # 1 2 3 4 5 6

    Miniature Slip Ring Connector Installation Diagram

    Miniature Slip Ring Connector Installation Diagram


    Tips: Faults and solutions in the use of miniature slip rings

    1. Short circuiting of the miniature slip ring after a period of use is possible due to the slip ring life. Another reason is that the slip ring is overloaded, causing the slip ring to burn out. In general, the short circuit of a new slip ring is caused by the problem of inner insulating material of the slip ring or direct short circuit between brush wire and brush wire, the wire is broken. This fault must be detected by the exclusion method.
    2. Signal interference of the miniature slip ring is too large. Slip rings can be used to transmit power and signals, and interference can occur between power supply and signal. The interference is divided into internal interference and external interference. Users must clearly know the type of signal during use. For special signals, use special wires to shield internal and external. For the slip ring that has been formed, when it is found that the slip ring signal is disturbed, users can shield the external wire by self.
    3. Miniature slip ring does not rotate smoothly. Excluding the problem of slip ring assembly and bearing selection, the cause of such problems is usually that the user does not propose shockproof requirements when selecting the slip ring. If the working environment has strong vibration, it will cause damage to the thin-walled bearings and cracking of the plastic spindle in the slip ring.
    4. IP grade of the miniature slip ring does not match the working environment. Normally, the slip ring IP grade is IP51. Some users put slip ring in the place with waterproof requirements without additional protection, causing water inside the slip ring to cause internal short circuit and causing the slip ring to fail.
    5. Miniature slip ring overload causes burnout. The allowed maximum current of the slip ring is the safely operable current value calculated based on the cross-sectional area, brush contact area, pressure of the brush and the contact surface, and rotational speed. If the current exceeds this value, the slip ring will be hot, or the contact surface will be ignited, even forming a solder joint between the brush and the slip ring. Although the slip ring will consider a certain safety factor during the production design phase, it is recommended that users provide the maximum current of actual application to slip ring manufacturers.



    Existing reviews of 30mm Miniature Electrical Slip Ring, 4-Wire 30A, 2-Wire 50A
    Excellent slip ring
    The electrical slip ring is well made, frictionless, and comes with thick quality wire. However, there is really no way to look inside and see if it really is a gold swivel or how durable the internal connectors are. Time will tell if this is a good choice.
    I really like the accuracy of this clamp meter, and I compared it to several clamp meters I have and it measured very accurately. I will use it more and see how reliable it is, time will tell.
    From: Adrian | Date: 30/05/2022
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