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    Hole Diameter 100mm Through Bore Slip, Outer Diameter 185mm

    Through bore slip ring price is affordable, hole diameter is 100mm, outer diameter is 185mm. For standard models, it can transmit 6/12/18/24 circuits of 10A current in 360° rotation, 2A signal or other currents are customizable. Through bore slip rings have compact structure and size, making installation and use of slip rings more easy and convenient.
    SKU: ATO-THSR-100185
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    Various specifications such as circuits number, current, signal, inner and outer diameter, rotating speed, lead wire length, etc. are customizable according to requirements, please contact us.

    Applications: Automatic welding equipment, metal surface processing equipment, static torque sensors, pressure sensors, wire (network cable) cable production equipment, grinding and dispersing machines, electronic (textile) quality testing equipment, etc., industrial and civil devices that require conductive or transmit signals in rotation.


    Model ATO-H100185
    Hole Diameter 100mm
    Outer Diameter 185mm
    Working Life pls refer to product grade table
    Rotating Speed pls refer to product grade table
    Working Temp. -30℃~80℃ 
    Work Humidity 0~85% RH
    Contact Material pls refer to product grade table
    Housing Material AL alloy
    Torque 0.1N.m (+0.03N.m/6 circuits)
    Rated Voltage Power Signal
    0~690VAC/VDC  0~440VAC/VDC
    Insulation Resistance Power Signal
    ≥1000mΩ/500VDC ≥1000mΩ/500VDC
    Lead Wire Spec. Power Signal
    AWG17# Silver-plated teflon AWG22# Silver-plated teflon
    Lead Wire Length standard 300mm (can be customized)
    Dielectric Strength 800VAC@50Hz,60s
    Electrical Noise <0.01Ω
    Certification CE, RoHS
    IP Grade IP51

    Note: Please contact us if you need the flange

    100mm Hole Diameter/185mm Outer Diameter Through Bore Slip Ring Dimension Drawing (unit:mm)

    100mm Hole Diameter/185mm Outer Diameter Through Bore Slip Ring Dimension Drawing

    Note: The length L please refer to standard model list.

    Product Grade Table

    Grade code Max rotating speed Working life Contact material
    C: standard 250rpm 20 millisons revolutions precious metal
    D: industrial 800rpm 60 millions revolutions precious metal
    H: high quality 1200rpm 150 millisons revolutions gold alloy

    Color Code of Lead Wire

    ring # 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
    ring # 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24

    Note: The digital 1 indicates the first wire from rotor side, ATO-THSR-H100185 wire color sequence: BLK/BRN/RED/ORG/WHT/GRN, 24 color wires as one group, if more than 24wires, repeat as sequence, use number tube to tell group 1#, 2#....

    Through Bore Slip Ring with Anti-Rotation Tab Installation Diagram

    Through Bore Slip Ring with Anti-Rotation Tab Installation Diagram

    Through Bore Slip Ring without Anti-Rotation Tab Installation Diagram

    Through Bore Slip Ring without Anti-Rotation Tab Installation Diagram


    Tips: Electrical slip ring application in Ethernet signals transmission.

    Electrical slip rings can transmit Ethernet signals. The Ethernet slip ring is also known as the network cable slip ring. It is a slip ring that can rotate 360° and transmit Ethernet signals, enabling LAN communication to transmit 250Mhz frequency signals. According to different transmission network speeds, Ethernet slip rings can be divided into 100M Ethernet slip rings and Gigabit Ethernet slip rings. 

    The Ethernet slip ring works like an electrical slip ring, it is a process of transmitting Ethernet signals and current between the rotating part (rotor) and the fixed part (stator). The Ethernet slip ring transmits Ethernet signals based on the electrical slip ring. The passages between rotor and stator are independent. In addition, it can also mix transmit high and low frequency signals and currents.
    Ethernet slip ring features:

    • Can mix transmit power, current, data and other signals, and can work together with gas/liquid/electric rotary joints.
    • Can transport Ethernet 10M or 100M or 1000M Base T. Can transport 8 Ethernet channels simultaneously.
    • Can transmit different types of signals such as USB, HDMI, and fiber.
    • No packet loss, no serialization, low loss, high performance stability, long working life.

    The Ethernet slip ring is suitable for electromechanical devices that transmit electricity without any restrictions and transmit various data signals and currents. It is widely used in video surveillance systems, network cable, serial communication and other fields.



    Standard Model List

    Model Number of 10A Circuits Number of 5A Circuits Length L (mm)
    ATO-H100185-0610 6 - 64
    ATO-H100185-1210 12 - 88
    ATO-H100185-1810 18 - 136
    ATO-H100185-2410 24 - 136
    ATO-H100185-06S - 6 64
    ATO-H100185-12S - 12 88
    ATO-H100185-18S - 18 112
    ATO-H100185-24S - 24 136

    Note: The models listed here are all standard spot, please check the manual for more customizable models.  

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