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    12-Passage Rotary Union, Pneumatic/Electrical Slip Ring for Air/Hydraulic

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    12 passages electrical/ pneumatic rotary union for compressed air, hydraulic, vacuum, steam, hot water, cooling and other fluid medium. This slip ring with factory price with M5 thread port, 4mm pipes, 360° rotating, can transmit current and signal of 12, 24, 36, 56 2A wires.
    SKU: ATO-RTJT-3012
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    Rotary union slip ring for air and hydraulic can rotate 360° to conduct electricity. Specifications such as circuits and current, port and pipe size can be customized as required.

    Application: Automation equipment, industrial turntables, solenoid valve magnetic sensors, robots, engineering machinery, automated production lines, CCTV video surveillance, medical equipment, military radar and other equipment.

    12 Passage Rotary Union Specification

    • Model: ATO-3012004
    • Number of Passages: 12 Passages
    • Thread Port Size: M5
    • Pipe Size: 4mm
    • Torque: <1.2N.m
    • Voltage Range: Power: 0~240VAC/VDC; Signal: 0~240VAC/VDC
    • Lead Wire Spec.: Power: AWG26# Silver-plated Teflon wire; Signal: AWG26# Silver-plated Teflon wire
    • Max. Speed: 250rpm continuously, 1000rpm intermittently
    • Working Temperature: -30℃~80℃
    • Work Humidity: 0~85% RH
    • Contact Material: precious metal
    • Housing Material: aluminum alloy
    • Working Life: 20 million for ref (depends on working conditions)
    • Max. Pressure: 1Mpa, Vacuum -1.5kPa
    • Insulation Resistance: 1Mpa, Vacuum -1.5kPa
    • Insulation Resistance: Power: <500MΩ/300VDC; Signal: <500MΩ/300VDC
    • Lead Wire Length: standard 250mm (can be customized)
    • Certification: CE, RoHS
    • Insulation Resistance: 500VAC@50Hz, 6s
    • Electrical Noise: <0.01Ω
    • IP Grade: IP51
    • Weight: About 1 kg

    12 Passage Electrical/Pneumatic Rotary Union Dimension Drawing (Unit: mm)

    12-Passage Electrical/Pneumatic Rotary Union Dimension Drawing

    12-Passage Rotary Union Standard Model List

    Model Passages (Gas/Flow) Port Size Pipe Size Signal Circuits (2A) Length L (mm)
    ATO-3012004-06S 12 M5 4~6mm 6 14
    ATO-3012004-12S 12 M5 4~6mm 12 21
    ATO-3012004-24S 12 M5 4~6mm 24 35
    ATO-3012004-36S 12 M5 4~6mm 36 52

    Note: All above models for customization and please contact us if you need the flange. The package includes the controller.

    Rotary Union Installation Diagram

    Rotary Union Installation Diagram

    Tips: Rotary union slip ring basics

    A rotary union slip ring is a rotating electrical connector used to transmit current from a fixed wire to a rotating device. The slip ring consists of a fixed stator and rotor contacting, and the stator brush wire is in contact and friction on the casing of the rotating metal ring. When the metal ring rotates, the current is conducted to the connected metal ring through the fixed brush wire. The slip ring is usually composed of multiple rings to provide signals for multiple components of the equipment. The air circuit part adopts imported polymer materials to connect each ring. The channels are sealed and isolated, and each channel works independently. The main shaft is made of high-speed steel material. After processing, the surface is smooth and free of burrs, achieving a mirror effect, which can effectively reduce friction and increase wear-resistant time. The gas circuit part of the rotary union slip ring can be divided into 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, and 8 to 42 passages, which can support various connection gas threads. The circuit part adopts the circuit V-type contact to conduct electricity, and uses precious metal brushes.

    Existing reviews of 12-Passage Rotary Union, Pneumatic/Electrical Slip Ring for Air/Hydraulic
    Met my expectations.
    This 12 passage slip ring arrived promptly, and look to be well made and initially operate flawlessly. I like it work out good for my project. Happy with this purchase.
    From: Lizard | Date: 27/04/2022
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