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    8-Passage Rotary Union, Pneumatic/Electrical Slip Ring for Air/Hydraulic

    Electrical/pneumatic rotary unions are suitable for fluid medium including air, hydraulic, vacuum, steam, hot water, cooling water, etc. 8-passage, each passage does not interfere with each other. Cheap slip ring can transmit current/signal of 12/24/36/56 wires 2A or 12/24 wires 5A, number of circuits and current are customizable.
    SKU: ATO-RTJT-300812
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    Rotary union slip ring can rotate 360° to conduct electricity. Specifications such as circuits and current, port and pipe size can be customized as required.

    Application: Automation equipment, industrial turntables, solenoid valve magnetic sensors, robots, engineering machinery, automated production lines, CCTV video surveillance, medical equipment, military radar and other equipment.

    8 Passage Rotary Union Specification

    Model ATO-3008006
    Number of Passages 8 Passages
    Thread Port G1/8"
    Pipe size 6~8mm
    Torque <0.8N.m
    Voltage Range Power: 0~440VAC/VDC
    Signal: 0~440VAC/VDC
    Lead Wire Spec. Power:AWG17# Silverplated teflon wire
    Signal: AWG22# Silverplated teflon wire
    Max. Speed 250rpm continously, 1000rpm intermittently
    Working Temp. -30℃~80℃
    Work Humidity 0~85% RH
    Contact Material precious metal
    Housing Material aluminum alloy
    Working Life 20 millions for ref (depends on working conditions)
    Max. Pressure 1Mpa, Vacuum -1.5kPa
    Insulation Resistance Power: <500MΩ/300VDC
    Signal: <500MΩ/300VDC
    Lead Wire Length standard 250mm (can be customized)
    Certification CE, RoHS
    Insulation Resistance 500VAC@50Hz,6s
    Electrical Noise <0.01Ω
    IP Grade IP51
    Weight About 1 kg

    Note: Please contact us if you need the flange. The package includes the controller.

    8-Passage Electrical/Pneumatic Rotary Union Dimension Drawing

    8-Passage Electrical/Pneumatic Rotary Union Dimension Drawing

    8-Passage Rotary Union Standard Model List

    Gas/flow+6~56-Wire 2A signal transfer

    Model Passages
    Port Size Pipe Size Signal Circuits (2A) Length L (mm)
    ATO-3008006-06S 8 G1/8" 6~8mm 6 14
    ATO-3008006-12S 8 G1/8" 6~8mm 12 21
    ATO-3008006-24S 8 G1/8" 6~8mm 24 35
    ATO-3008006-36S 8 G1/8" 6~8mm 36 52.3
    ATO-3008006-56S 8 G1/8" 6~8mm 56 82

    gas/flow+6~36-Wire 5A signal/10A power transfer

    Model Passages (Gas/Flow) Port Size Pipe Size Circuits Length L (mm)
    Power (10A) Signal (5A)
    ATO-3008006-0605 8 G1/8" 6~8mm 0 6 38
    ATO-3008006-0610 8 G1/8" 6~8mm 6 0 38
    ATO-3008006-1205 8 G1/8" 6~8mm 0 12 55
    ATO-3008006-0610-0605 8 G1/8" 6~8mm 6 6 55
    ATO-3008006-1210 8 G1/8" 6~8mm 12 0 55
    ATO-3008006-0610-1205 8 G1/8" 6~8mm 6 12 71.5
    ATO-3008006-1210-0605 8 G1/8" 6~8mm 12 6 71.5
    ATO-3008006-1805 8 G1/8" 6~8mm 0 18 71.5
    ATO-3008006-1810 8 G1/8" 6~8mm 18 0 71.5
    ATO-3008006-0610-1805 8 G1/8" 6~8mm 6 18 88.5
    ATO-3008006-2405 8 G1/8" 6~8mm 0 24 88.5
    ATO-3008006-3005 8 G1/8" 6~8mm 0 30 106
    ATO-3008006-3605 8 G1/8" 6~8mm 0 36 125

    Note: All above models for customization, please contact us.

    Rotary Union Installation Diagram

    Rotary Union Installation Diagram

    Tips: Rotary union leakage causes and treatment methods

    Cause of Leakage Treatment Method
    The concentricity of the hollow shaft with the rotating body is not enough. Check size and accuracy of the slip ring and adjust the fixed connection to the rotating body.
    The accuracy of the fitting machine is low (large end face coincidence, radial, axial clearance), large vibration. Find the reason and repair the fitting equipment.
    Foreign matter such as slurry and dirt enter the friction pair contact surface. Add a filter or decontamination device and modify the type of rotary union.
    The pressure, temperature, speed, etc. used exceed the rated range of the selected rotary union. Analyze the operating conditions, contact rotary union manufacturers, and change the type of rotary union.
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