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    Portable Digital Lux Meter, 0~20000 Lux

    Buy a low price digital lux meter online, measuring range 0~20000 Lux, accuracy ±(4%+8). Portable digital lux meter is compact and easy to use, widely used in lighting companies, agriculture and livestock, mining companies, laboratories, offices, homes, street lighting construction, studios, photography, etc.
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    Extech foot candle light meter for sale, measuring from 0 to 2000 FC. The portable lux light meter is made of high quality materials to ensure durability which is perfect for professionals in the lighting industry and anyone who wants to ensure the best lighting conditions for their work space.


    • Model: ATO-LM-UT382
    • Illuminance Measurement (Lux): 0~20000 Lux
    • Illuminance Measurement (FC): 0~2000 FC
    • Measurement Accuracy: ±(3%+8)
    • Data Retention:
    • Auto Range:
    • Automatic Shutdown: about 10 minutes
    • Low Voltage Display:
    • Maximum Value:
    • Minimum Value:
    • Data Storage: 2044 groups
    • LCD Backlight:
    • Power Supply: 9V battery x1
    • Body Weight: 185g
    • Body Size: 195x45x26mm


    • The portable digital lux meter has a 10cm x 6cm illuminance probe, which increases the measurement area and provides better processing efficiency in taller or tighter measurement environments.
    • The digital lux light meter features a light measurement range of 19900 lux, 1lux resolution and a high sensitivity sampling rate of 0.5S.
    • The digital lux light meter is calibrated using coated filter technology and a special light source method to ensure fast and accurate results and save time.
    • The digital lux light meter comes with a large backlit LCD display, a switchable illuminance unit, lux/footcandles for easy viewing of data for users with different needs, and a maximum and minimum value display, providing a rich and intuitive reading experience.

    Dimension (Unit: mm)

    Lux meter dimension


    Lux meters are widely used for light monitoring and measurement in lighting enterprises, agriculture and livestock, industry and mining, laboratories, offices, medical institutions, home applications, street lighting construction and other industries.

    Lux meter application

    Tips: What is the unit of measurement for illuminance?

    The unit of measurement for a lux meter, also known as an illuminance meter or light meter, is lux. Lux is defined as the amount of luminous flux per unit area, or in simpler terms, it measures the brightness of a given area. Lux meters are commonly used in photography, cinematography, and various industries to ensure adequate lighting levels for safety and productivity. Overall, the lux is a crucial measurement unit for determining the appropriate amount of light in a particular setting.

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