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    Commercial Dehumidifier 120-Pint (60L) for 700 Sq. Ft

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    Cheap 60L/day (120 pt./day) commercial grade dehumidifier is designed to remove moisture from the air for smaller-sized rooms of 55-70 square meters (590-750 square feet), and has moisture removal ability with 450 m3/h large air volume. Operating at 1200W high power, the dehumidifier is constructed with built-in 6L water tank, and a drain hose outlet for continuous drainage. Low noise, energy saving and high durability, ideal dehumidifier for commercial and industrial environments.
    SKU: ATO-FDH-260BS
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    • 120 pints per day (60L per day) dehumidification for an area up to 700 square feet (55-70m2).
    • Large air volume 450m3/h, to move humid air efficiently.
    • Using high-performance brand compressor, low noise, energy saving and high efficiency.
    • Built-in 6L big capacity water tank and also with a drain hose outlet for continuous drainage.
    • Auto defrosting when the environment temperature is below 5℃.
    • Two wheels and a handle design, convenient to move.
    • Dust-proof filter, removable and easy to clean.

    Appications: The 120-pint commercial dehumidifier can remove the moisture from the air in an area up to 70 m2, ideal dehumidification system for the villas, house, basements, garages, warehouses, hotels, restaurants, wine cellars, garment shops, printing shops, advertising companies, building material shops, machinery repair shops, workshops, computer rooms, etc.


    Model ATO-FDH-260BS
    Dehumidity Capacity 60L/D (120 pints per day) (80%RH, 30℃)
    Air Volume 450m3/h
    Working Temperature 5~35℃
    Applicable Floor Area 55-70m2 (590-750 sq. ft)
    Voltage AC 220V 50Hz or 110V 60Hz
    Power 1200W
    Refrigerant R407C
    Certification CE, ROHS, GS
    Warranty 1 Year
    Dimension 590*370*830mm
    Weight 33kg

    Shipping Way of ATO Dehumidifier

    Just confirm us the shipping way by email when place your order.

    1. Ship by Air: The compressed refrigerant inside the dehumidifier is a dangerous item with the possibility of explosion, so it needs to release the compressed refrigerant before transportation. (It means that dehumidifier without refrigerant when choosing this shiping way. After the machine arrives at your destination, you need to add refrigerant by local professionals, the process is as simple as adding refrigerant for ordinary air conditioners.) Delivery time is about 15-30 days.

    2. Ship by Sea: The transportation time is longer (about 40-55 days), and there is no need to add refrigerant after the equipment arrives at the destination.

    Dehumidifier Details

    Commercial Dehumidifier 120 pints 60L Details

    Tips: Usage Notes for Dehumidifiers

    1. Dehumidifier should avoid being used next to the heat source. Keep the smooth inlet and outlet of dehumidifier. Generally, dehumidifier should be placed in the middle of the space more appropriately, where should be enough space around without stack items. Maintain air flow, so as to achieve the effect of even dehumidification.

    2. The dehumidifier used in the low temperature (below 18℃) environmental conditions, will be frost or ice. The dehumidifier with defrosting function can automatically defrost, but dehumidifier without defrosting function, can be artificial defrost (cut off the power). Generally, the temperature is low and the humidity is low. When the humidity is less than 40%, the effect of dehumidification may be not obvious. It is normal.

    3. Setting the ambient humidity of the room below 60% can effectively dehumidify and prevent items from mildew. The wet quilt and mattress seriously affect our sleep quality, so the dehumidifier is a good solution to dry the quilt and mattress. The specific operation is to close the door and window of the room, and set the dehumidifier as dry clothes grade if no one inside, while set the dehumidifier as a comfortable grade if someone inside.

    4. Dehumidification is measured under standard environmental conditions. If dehumidification is measured at 60 L/D, it refers to the water outlet volume measured at 30℃/ 80%RH for 24 hours. In the process of operation, it is the normal operation of the machine that dehumidifier exhausts hot air from the outlet. In winter, humidity is low and outlet temperature is also obviously decreased, which is a normal phenomenon.

    Existing reviews of Commercial Dehumidifier 120-Pint (60L) for 700 Sq. Ft
    High quality dehumidifier
    I've been looking for a suitable dehumidifier for my warehouse. The quality of ATO dehumidifier is so good that I already love the color. Most importantly, the dehumidification effect is also very good. I will buy again.
    From: Alob | Date: 15/06/2022
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